American towns, neighborhoods and Jewish families across the United States started celebrating Hanukkah - the eight-day festival of lights and Jewish holiday - on Sunday night.

One of those celebrators was Rabbi Mendel Rosenblum from South Hills, Pennsylvania, who helped light a 12-foot menorah for his community and raffled off a gaggle of prizes to worshippers, according to TribLive. Home Depot offered some supplies to let children make their own menorahs, while a juggler entertained adults, TribLive explained.

In years past, Rosenblum held Hanukkah celebrations on ice-skating rinks, in shopping centers or in bowling alleys, TribLive reported.

"The idea is to bring Judaism and the message of Judaism to an area that makes it accessible for many more people," Rosenblum told TribLive.

There was a similar celebration Sunday night in Detroit called "Menorah in the D," where thousands of worshippers gathered in downtown Detroit to cheer for the first night of the holiday, according to The event even had a 300-foot zip line, along with games, crafts and food, MLive reported.

But these are far from the only Hanukkah celebrations happening throughout the United States and world. Here are some photos that show the world celebrating the Jewish holiday.

Sweet Potato Latke S'More with S'Mores marshmallows because #HappyHanukkah! ? (latke recipe courtesy of @edeneats_)

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Hanukkah Harry wishes you all a beautiful holiday! ?#joylovepetscontest #petco @petco

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Happy #Hanukkah @mallorymeagan @stackattack1989! There's a solid chance the Poopnorah is flammable ?✡?

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The big reveal 🙂 #Hanukkah #happyhanukkah

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Chinese takeout for Hanukkah. #Hanukkah #tradition

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#Hanukkah with the mayor. #Toronto #mayortory #8Crazynights

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Sufganiot! (Jelly donuts for hannukah). #Yum #NYC #Hanukkah #Sufganiot

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Happy Hanukkah from the Haynes fam! #hanukkah #family #latkelove

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