Leaving the little ones for work or errands is hard on a mother but is devastating to those left behind. Did you know your baby can recognize your scent within days after birth? A baby's nose knows his mom, and that's why they might get distraught when they don't smell her near.

This 3-month-old was beside himself when his mom left to run an errand. Flailing legs and wailing screams racked the child's body as he anticipated her return.

When she didn't come to the rescue, the crying continued...until dad used this genius trick.

Dad slowly caressed one his wife's dirty shirts against his baby's cheek. Nuzzling closer, the scent of his mother instantly turned his screams to whimpers. Then, his mouth split into a smile with wide and tear-free eyes as he recognized his mom's smell.

The bond between a mother and a child is an unbreakable connection, and helps a mother comfort and calm her little ones. Thank goodness for loving fathers who do their best to help out (even when all they want is mom).

Your heart will melt when you check out the video for yourself

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