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zebra insurance

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The safety of your family is obviously one of your top priorities as a parent. You take the long route to the park because it avoids that sketchy left turn with no stop sign, you swapped scented candles for essential oils in an effort to rid your home of phthalates, and may have even given up your beloved peanut butter cups because of a kid’s nut allergy. When you consider the lengths you go to in order to keep your family safe, it’s no surprise that shopping for the right car insurance can be a daunting task. Luckily, The Zebra is a one-stop website where you can compare all of your options for free to pick the safest option for you.

The Zebra is an independent service that isn't an insurance provider themselves, so they’re able to give you a truly unbiased look at your options. They’ve made friends with over 200 insurance companies to offer you the widest range of comparisons, but don’t worry— they won’t present them like a 30-person group of bridesmaids who enter the wedding reception one by one, each with their own 15-seconds to shine. The Zebra’s comparison engine provides your options conveniently so you can make a choice in minutes. 

The Zebra makes finding the best car insurance provider for your family hassle-free, but their policies also ensure you have a hassle-free experience when you’re done. They keep all of the information you share between the two of you, so you can shop comfortably without the fear of being contacted later. Shopping is easy with a quick ZIP code input, three questions about you, and three questions about your car. Then you're ready to browse your quotes in a side-by-side comparison from top providers for free. You could be on your way to saving as much as $670 per year on car insurance in less time than it takes for your kid to guzzle down a juice box (and they can do that surprisingly fast!).

The whole process is hassle-free and totally digital, but you’re not left to fend for yourself on the computer if you don’t want to. You can call The Zebra’s licensed agents for assistance, or perhaps just to hear another adult talk for a while because you’ve been speaking to a three-year-old for 12 hours straight. 

Enter your ZIP code now to get started with The Zebra. You’ll find the best car insurance for you in minutes and will probably even save some money while you’re at it.

Image Credit: The Zebra

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