What girl doesn't dream about her first date or her wedding day? But while she's dreaming, what is her dad thinking about those things?

This video depicts how a father might feel watching his little girl go from daddy-daughter dates to daddy walking her down the aisle. It's shown with the song "Daddy's Little Girl," which could make any daddy and his grown-up little girl go running for the tissues.

The video is a follow-up to a video made last year by Aaron Dickson. That video was called "The Best First Date," and it depicts Dickson excitedly getting ready for and going on a date that turns out to be with his young daughter. The video was meant to be a small production, but it went viral and ended up getting millions of views.

"We had no clue that anything like this would happen," Dickson said. "Little did we know, God wanted us to impact lives through a video of me taking my daughter out on a date."

Dickson decided that he needed to use this opportunity to help dads reconnect with their daughters.

"When over 160 million watched, shared and messaged me about my first video, 'The Best First Date,' I knew fathers everywhere needed help connecting with their daughters," it states on his website.

After the response to his first video, Dickson read a book called "Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know." It made him realize he needed to do something more. "I knew after reading this book that God had put me in a position where I needed to obey and walk in faith by creating a follow-up project to the first video," Dickson said.

Then he got the opportunity to fly to Nashville, and while there, he co-wrote the "Daddy's Little Girl" song with Ed and Scott Cash. This new video was then produced with Dickson once again starring alongside his young daughter. Dickson's wife also gets in on the action as the grown-up version of her daughter.

Dickson hopes that this new video will also help people realize how important fathers can be in the lives of their children.

"Our children are aching for daddies who will put down their phones, disconnect from work to connect with them on their level, and spend quality time fostering a lifelong bond rooted in strength, love and commitment," Dickson says on his website.

Along with the videos, Dickson also launched bestfirstdate.com, a resource to help dads engage with their children. On the site, you can download a free daddy-daughter date kit and sign up for a newsletter meant to inspire dads to live in the moment with their kids. Dickson will be releasing a father and son project soon and has plans to extend the resources to mothers as well.

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