Every wife wants her husband to find joy in their marriage. Here are 7 signs that indicate your honey is a happily married man.

1. Kisses

He greets you with a kiss when he comes home from work. It's not a run-of-the-mill, quick, peck-on-the-cheek kind of kiss. No. It's a body-hugging, lips-to-lips kind of kiss. The lingering type that lets you know - without a doubt - he's glad to be home with you once again. A sure sign he's happily married.

2. Contacts

When he goes away on business, he contacts you every day and lets you know he misses you. A husband who is happily married genuinely misses his wife when he's away. He wants to be with you. He can't wait to get home to you. He says endearing things on the phone when he calls. And he means every word of it. He is 100% faithful to you always. And you know it.

3. "I love you's"

He tells you he loves you. He says it every day. And you say it back. It never gets old. He's not like the husband whose wife complained after several years of marriage, "You don't tell me you love me;" and who replied, "I told you when we were married, and if it ever changes, I'll let you know." That's not how a devoted, happily married man operates. He will tell you he loves you because he wants you to know it daily. He loves saying it because he feels it deeply. And he knows it matters to you to hear the words.

4. Helping hand

He helps around the house. He wants to lighten your load and do his share, even more than his share when you're not feeling well. He's a willing partner in the business of making your home an inviting place to be. And he teaches your children to do the same. He gets it that raising the kids isn't just your job; it's his too, one he's willing to share because he loves you and them. In other words, he's an active participant in making home life happy for his family.

5. Compliments

He compliments you. He looks at you and sees what you are doing. He's paying attention. You catch him eyeing you at different times. He can't help it. He's smitten with you. He never tires of looking at you. He thinks you're beautiful, no matter what changes your body may have gone through. He doesn't see the flaws that you see. He's blinded by love.

6. Comforting

He holds you when you cry. When heartache and disappointment cause your tears to flow, he's there for you. He tries his best to understand what you're going through. He's not always perfect at it, but he tries to comfort you during your hard times. If you are wise, you will welcome his comforting.

7. Open-heart sharing

He shares his dreams and sorrows with you. It's not as easy for him to do this as it is for you. He needs to know he can tell you these things without you falling apart, and that you will keep his confidence. When he's willing to open up his heart and tell you his plans and hopes for his career, he knows you will listen and care. He knows you are his personal cheerleader. He also knows his love for you is deep enough that you will understand and want to know about his disappointments. A happily married man can confidently do this.

Husbands who are reading this, take note. If you're not doing these things already, now is the time to start by keeping your wife as your top priority. It's never too late to create happiness in your marriage. Wives who are reading this, enjoy all the goodness your husband has to offer. Also keep him as your top priority, and you will be among the happily married couples who prove to the world that marriage is synonymous with happiness, even when hard times come.

7 signs your husband is happily married

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Posted by I Love My Family (FamilyShare.com) on Monday, May 30, 2016

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