Fathers Day has come and gone and it's time to clean the garage again. Once a father, you are always a father - even when it is time to marry off your daughters. Fathers we salute you. We celebrate every father, everywhere. You are amazing. You dedicate your existence to providing for your wife and children with love and warmth while perfecting the fine art of lawn mowing and diaper changing.

This humorous and touching video asks the question, what's it like being a dad?

The video reflects the truth. Fathers are expected to give love and attention to every child and spouse, sometimes without even being told what's needed. They seem to know we need flowers AND to have our tires changed. It is amazing. Let's face it women, sometimes we need a mind reader. Our husbands do their very best to fill that role.

Father's opinions are like gold. The four simple words, "I'm proud of you," are coveted by every child in a family. With all that is expected of our dads, we'd like to take this moment to say fathers, we are proud of you.

Proud of the way you can show love for a pet you didn't like, scoop poop that isn't your own and care for fluffy the cat when you hate hair stuck to your suit, all for the love of a child.

Proud of the way you can tolerate all the teenage friends in and out of the house that eat all your food and manage to mash most of it into the carpet. Also proud of the way you manage to not say much and still say it all about those we date.

Proud of the way you let us live when we dent your favorite car.

Proud of the dignified way you bear your bald, or thinning head - sometimes letting a child draw a smiley face on it.

Proud of the way you can endure hours upon hours of driving lessons for a child that doesn't know a clutch from a break.

Proud of the way you can always do the "dirty, gross, nasty and smelly" jobs no one else wants to do - and still smell good to mom.

Proud of how patient you can be when the geek parade lines up at the door and your daughter gets in the car of a boy who honked to get her out the door.

Proud of how you always know what questions to answer and when to simply say, I love you for who you are not who I wish you were - like a teenager with more clothes and less piercings..

Proud of how you can cry when a child or spouse is suffering and still carry on with your responsibilities.

Proud of how you can be the strong one when everyone else is crying.

Proud of the moments you give us after dates while biting your tongue.

Proud of how you shoot baskets with your son until your shoulders burn, just to get him to open up about his friends.

Proud of how day after day you're willing to do everything for your family without thought of what you get in return.

If you are a father reading this, we commend you on a job well done. And if you know a father and are reading this, thank him. He puts up with a lot.

Even though fathers day is past, and it will be a whole year until another one is upon us, know you are appreciated every day. (P.S. I saw a spider in the bathroom that needs to be set free. Would it help if I sang?)

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