The fact of the matter is, moms DO get stuff done, it also gets undone just as fast, if not faster.

This true-to-life video shows a mom and baby going about their day. The mom is folding and putting away laundry, doing dishes, picking up toys, feeding her baby and bathing her baby - more than once. Meanwhile, her adorable baby is unfolding the laundry and taking it out of drawers, thwarting her attempts to do the dishes and laundry, dumping toys out on the floor and getting herself dirty thus requiring another bath.

Do you have days like this? OK, it's every day, right? You think you're done with the laundry and then everyone gets ready for bed creating more dirty clothes. The dishes are done until someone gets a drink or has a snack. There's always trash to be taken out, toys to be picked up, bodies to be washed and kids who need attention. It really is a never ending job.

How many moms can relate?

We have grand plans of a clean house, clean kids, milk and cookies for the kids when they get home from school and dinner ready like clockwork. Usually, we're just lucky to have a somewhat reputable house, kids that are mostly dressed, a grab-and-go snack and a frozen pizza and bagged salad on the table before bedtime.

But, you know what? It's OK. We're not meant to be "Stepford" mothers. We're meant to be real moms. Moms who love their kids, sacrifice for their families and do their best - not be perfect.

Let's be real. Read "Moms, stop lying about your messy house." It's OK to be real and to have a messy house. Yes, we should still try to keep it somewhat clean, but it's nothing to get depressed about - your mom friends not only understand, but their house is a mess, too.

For a laugh, watch this messy house mom parody.

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