Barber shops have returned as places in the city for men to connect. The barber's pole, with its red, white and blue stripes, is being lifted back up to call men out of salons.

Taking your son to an old-style barber shop will help him to be comfortable in the atmosphere of men. He will be welcomed, and will hear the language of men - not necessarily always a good thing - but it is important for him to distinguish the rhythms and mannerisms that men have in conversation.

Depending on your son's age, it may be important for you to talk to the barber at the first visit. Thereafter, you should allow him to walk in and find his place among the men.

This may seem like a trivial experience to you, but I can assure you that it will increase his confidence and social skills.

Do your homework, and ask around to find a good barber. Teach your son to communicate exactly what he wants in his haircut. He should exercise authority over his own hair. This will establish him in his place of manliness. If the barber doesn't listen and respect your son's wishes, find a new barber.

Exposing your son to places where men gather is important for him to develop into manhood. Men relate to things differently than women. The banter and humor of men is an art form that sharpens us. Men often cloak a lot of wisdom in their humor. Giving your son the opportunity to be around other men will help him as he is maturing into manhood.

One of the real challenges that we face in society today is that we've segregated the generations from one another. A boy becomes a man by being around and learning from other men. The local barber shop can be just the place to get your son started.

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