Bath time with small energetic children can feel like the ultimate struggle and is completely overwhelming at times. It might even be the most dreaded part of your day, but have no fear, it no longer has to be.

The water fights and temper tantrums are held at bay by applying these helpful bath time hacks, created and tested by moms.

Designated Decal Zones

Save yourself from the constant battle of where your kids will play and sit in the tub by designating pre-determined kid splash zones with non-slip decals. Use different colors or different shapes, so your kids can clearly recognize their play area.

Save the soap

Have little ones that like to use a little too much soap? I mean, who can resist the push pump? To help minimize the damage done, tie a hair elastic around the pump to shorten the pump's reach. The bottle will now squirt out a small amount (and your bank account will thank you).

Prevent water dangers with little ones

Scared your little one will slip and fall into the water and get hurt? Prevent the crawling toddler from slipping into danger by placing them in a small laundry basket that limits their space to move. They will still enjoy the splashing and fun of bath time, but with reduced risk.

Prevent moldy toys

Hate how moldy your bath toys can get? Prevent the slimy and unsafe scum that grows on the inside of your toys by placing a dot of hot glue on the hole. The toy will still float and will be mold-free.

This "cool" toy will be a major score

Looking for cheap thrills and giggles that will fill the tub? Freeze small toys like dinosaurs and dolls in ice cube trays. Your kids will love the thrill of chasing the slippery ice toys around the marble tub and will laugh as they melt in the warm water.

DIY bath toys

The best toys are often hidden within the walls of your home. This cheap toy is sure to win the hearts of your children. Take an empty water bottle and poke holes around the bottom. Fill the bottle and watch as the water trickles out at all angles.

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