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Finding the perfect gift for your dad on Father's Day can be a hard task. With him doing such amazing things for you throughout your life, from raising you to putting you through college, it can be challenging to find a gift that really shows the appreciation you want it to. Many of us end up resorting to the same ties and socks because we simply cannot pick out a gift. Let us be honest; those options are tired and dull. Your dad deserves something that is just as special as he is. Try out one of these gifts for Father's Day to light up his day. He will feel appreciated more than you know.

Cologne Club Subscription

Getting a full bottle of cologne, only to find out it is not a great scent, is a frustrating waste of money. There are several different subscription boxes available that will deliver small size scents your dad can try, right to his door. They all offer various packages so you can find one that best fits your budget. They often also come with personality quizzes so your dad can edit his preferences to the typical smells he enjoys. When your dad finds a cologne he likes, order him a bigger bottle.

Outdoor Tent

Does your dad love to spend time in the great outdoors? A brand-new tent or other camping materials are a great way to show him you pay attention to his hobbies. Remember all those fun camping trips you took as a kid? This will be a nod to those great memories and open opportunities for more. To decide what to pick out, start by poking around the garage to see if anything needs replacing.

New Security System

Is your dad always trying to turn your house into a smart home? Then the Google Nest or Amazon Ring might be excellent presents. These high-tech doorbells will help keep your home safe. They record when someone drops off a package or ever comes up to the door. Your dad can use his smartphone to see who is standing at the door anytime it rings. If your dad already has a security system like this, try out some other home tech options. Certain apps nowadays can let you turn on lights in your home with just a click of a button, and even change the thermostat.

Travel Essentials

If your dad is always on the go for work, consider getting him some great travel essentials. From a lockable carry on to a new portable charger, the options are endless. Packing cubes are also a great gift your dad probably has never heard of. They are soft bags of various sizes that help make packing a suitcase a breeze. A new neck pillow or easy-to-store blanket for the plane are also great options for gifts he will use long-term.

Items For the Bar

Most dads love to have a drink on the weekend to relax. Many different gifts could fit your father's personal alcohol preference. If your dad's go-to is whiskey on the rocks, get him a set of reusable ice cubes. These metal blocks will never water down his drink. If he is a wine connoisseur, a new wine fridge to go in the kitchen will look great. Lastly, if he enjoys beer, buy him a reusable beer carrier. There are some nice wooden ones you can personalize. The next time he shows up to a neighborhood party, he will love that he can show off a gift from his children.

Grilling Cookbook

Father's Day is right at the start of summer, which is also the perfect time to get grilling. A new cookbook with recipes for the grill will be something he uses long after the holiday. Consider adding in a smoked spice set, a new grill cover, or grilling utensils to take your present to the next level. If you want to cookout on Father's Day to celebrate, go through the book beforehand and pick up all the ingredients needed for one of the recipes. Your dad will have a blast getting the grill fired up.

Something to Read

There is a book out there for everyone, including your dad. Does he love a good joke? Get him a book full of the funniest and best dad-jokes around. Is he really into crime stories? Any book by James Patterson will fit the bill. If your dad does not like the act of reading from a book quite as much, he might enjoy getting audiobooks instead. These can be listened to while driving, exercising, or just laying around outside by the pool. They also will not take up any additional space.

A Beard Kit

Some dads take profound pride in their appearance. With a beard kit, your dad will find himself feeling more confident than ever after grooming his facial hair. The kits come fully stocked with brushes, combs, oil, balm, and scissors. If your dad doesn't have a luscious beard he wants to take care of, hair and skin products are also great options. Men need to have a sort of beauty ritual too, and this can be a great start.

Father's Day gifts are always the hardest to buy but do not just settle for the same thing you get him every year. Pause to think about the hobbies your father has and how you can help grow them. He will appreciate that you put in the extra effort to get him something worthwhile.

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