child on phone

Dr. Drew Pinsky recently sat down with Fox News' Brian Kilmeade on "One Nation with Brian Kilmeade" to discuss the effects of social media and how it goes hand in hand with bullying in schools. Kilmeade mentioned a study that found teenagers who spent less time on their phones have better mental health. Kilmeade asked Pinsky whether bullying is everywhere due to phones and cameras or if kids really are just becoming more cruel. "It's really hard to tell," said Pinsky. "We don't know, are the algorithms serving this stuff up to us because we looked at it once, or is this really happening? My suspicion is it's really happening. It is sad. If someone is manifesting that kind of aggression, they have to be dealt with a high degree of containment to help them — not to hurt the individual, to help them," he said. "You're not allowed to ask anything of anybody, so you can't tell an addict, for instance, who's dying of their progressive disease to come with me, or don't sleep there, or maybe you might want to try something else. You can't say anything to anybody, and that harms people so much."

Pinsky agreed with the notion that one's mental health is enhanced when there is a reduction of screen time. He also made the claim that phones will be viewed more negatively as times goes on by saying, "I think within 10 years we will look at these things — these phones right here with me in front of the desk — the way we looked at tobacco at one time in the past." Pinsky also touched on Sen. Josh Hawley's, R-Mo., proposed legislation which will focus on safeguarding minors of social media platforms by giving an age requirement for social media platforms and limiting time on their phones. "I have lots of friends that actually specialize in screens for adolescents, and they all do the same thing with their kids," Pinsky said. "Limit social media use to an hour, max two hours a day."

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