Mmm graham crackers — the fundamental piece for many a s'more and "gingerbread" house.

This popular snack food is so named for Reverend Sylvester Graham who taught that a bland diet would suppress carnal urges. The original graham cracker was made with unsifted wheat flour without additives like honey. And today we celebrate it in all its goodness.

Graham Cracker Structure

Celebrate everyone's favorite sweet cracker by building the Eiffel Tower, Empire State building or any famous building you can imagine.

Note: We used melted gummy bears to adhere graham cracker pieces together. It's a very effective adherent, but can be tough to work with because it cools quickly. Melted gummy bears can also burn, so be careful. Alternatively, you can use a royal icing or hot glue gun.

Eiffel Tower

1.Use a serrated knife to cut graham crackers into pieces.

You will need 2 full graham crackers, 3 half size graham crackers and four sets cut like this:

2.Melt gummy bears in the microwave - about 7 seconds should do it. Be careful! The hot candy can burn.

3.Paint the gummy bear paste on the edges of the lowest tier, and lightly press together at right angles.

4.Next, use gummy bear paste to adhere two full-sized graham crackers as a "roof" to the tier.

5.Continue building layers and adhering them together.

6.Then, make a box using two graham cracker halves and four small rectangles and adhere to the top.

7.Do the same thing with four graham cracker pieces cut into triangles.

8.Add a small graham cracker stick to the top and Voila!

Empire State Building

8 full graham crackers, 1 square graham cracker, 4 graham cracker halves (cut tall ways), 2 graham cracker fourths, as well as graham cracker scraps

1.Melt gummy bears in the microwave - about 7 seconds should do it. Be careful! The hot candy can burn.

2.Adhere two graham crackers together long-ways. Repeat four times.

3.Use gummy bear paste to adhere these pieces into a box. Add a half graham cracker to the top as a "roof."

4.Adhere layers of graham crackers to the front like so:

5.Use graham cracker scraps to decorate the roof like the top of the Empire State building. Hurrah!

Do you think you can you build your house out of graham crackers?

Famifi This: These structures are challenging to build without an extra set of hands. Divide up into teams to build graham cracker structures together.

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