There is no other feeling like being in love. Having the most wonderful person in the world choose you to spend forever with is one of the greatest joys in this life.

Many claim that there is one special person in this world who is your soulmate. Your perfect other half, the peanut butter to your jelly.

Finding your soulmate may be this romantic occasion in which you gaze into each other's eyes from across the ballroom floor, step towards each other ever so slowly and as your heart skips a beat you know at that very moment life without them is not an option.

If that is what happened to you, then kudos! But with people meeting on Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge, and other dating apps, it is harder to know if this kind of love exists.

When you see these 10 signs, you know you've found your soulmate:

1. The butterflies won't go away

When the relationship starts you cannot think about anyone but him. No matter what you do the butterflies in your stomach remain. After a few weeks as things have progressed, you feel no different.

This is a big indication that he or she is meant to stick around. That feeling likely left a lot sooner in your other relationships, which can reassure you that this one is special.

2. The timing is undeniable

Once your practically impossible checklist displaying all of the qualities you needin a future spouse has been thrown out the window, you can begin to prepare yourself to actually be ready to meet your soulmate. Although you might think you're ready, he or she has to be on the same page as well. Being in close proximity to one another does not guarantee that things will 'click' in the beginning. Once you are both ready for each other, it will come together.

3. You feel each other's pain

You choose to walk in their shoes. You sense when they are hurt and do whatever you can to lighten the burden. You are just as excited, if not more, when they have accomplished something. Their worries worry you. Ultimately, you care more about them than yourself. These selfless acts are out of love and are not expressed so honestly with just anyone.

4. Your goals align

The values, ethics and goals that you have perfectly match theirs. This could be from the small things like learning how to juggle or much larger things like choosing to not be intimate before marriage.

5. You understand their need for space

Some of their passions may not involve you. Baking, hiking, or even practicing the piano, may be things that they like to do alone. You respect their need for independence, which makes your time together that much more special.

6. No awkward silences

There is nothing that you can't talk about. Dates are full of meaningful conversations about literally anything and everything. You have never felt so comfortable with anyone.

7. Respect is given and received

Soulmates may at times feel like complete opposites, but that doesn't mean they aren't perfect for one another. Even though you have your own opinion and it may not align with his or hers, you respect each other. Listening to each other is not a compromise but an act given out of respect.

8. You can apologize

You ache when you hurt the person you love. If they are your soulmate, they realize what they have done and can apologize. Although they may not understand how you feel, they have said the words, "I am sorry" to show that they are truly remorseful for the pain they have caused.

9. A touch makes everything better

You want to be caressed in their arms forever. You feel safe and know that even the most terrible days don't seem so bad as long as you end it with each other. You don't even have to say the words, "I love you" because you can tell through the way he or she touches you that they feel it too.

10. Their happiness means too much

You know what he or she needs to be happy. Although it may not make sense to you, or it might compromise what you want, you care too much to not let them have what they want. If you find yourself doing everything you can to make him or her happy, you know that this relationship isn't temporary. You are looking at the future.

If you have found your soulmate, the one who accepts you for you, than your heart is now filled. The idea of eternity doesn't scare you because you know that you could never be more in love.

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