You're in love. Or you think you are. You've been together for a long time; well, it seems like a long time. Are you sure that this is the one? Here are some simple signs that you're in the best relationship of your life:

You can say what's on your mind

One of the telltale signs that you're in the right place is being able to safely say what you feel and think. If you're second guessing what your next sentence is, rethink your relationship. The best relationships involve two people who are able to say what they want without worrying about feeling dumb or annoying. If you can open up to each other, stay together.

You never feel like you're being overbearing

You don't wonder if you're being too talkative or hyper - you can just be yourself. A strong couple doesn't worry about being too polite or proper. You'll never wonder if he likes you or if she is getting upset.

You smile when you see each other

This one is simple; but if you still light up, even a little bit, when you see each other, then you're in a great relationship. Pay attention to the next time your special someone walks into the room.

You're not bored or upset

You can have lazy days, but in this relationship, you love it all. You're not sitting around bored or waiting to have fun. You two could have fun in a grocery store. Some days may seem like a routine, but if you're happy and still in love, you've got a great thing going for ya.

You find new things to laugh at

There's that one YouTube video you both just love. Or a comedian that makes you laugh until you cry. If you're finding things to laugh at together, then you'll stay together. It's even better if you can make each other laugh on your own. Never stop laughing together, because those are the best kind of relationships to have.

You want to do more and be more

Your spouse makes you want to volunteer or climb a mountain or be kinder. Your boyfriend or girlfriend inspires you to be more than you are. They teach you and help you. They complement your characteristics. They really have the best parts of what you want to be.

You love the little moments

Lying on the couch, driving late at night, listening to each other fall asleep - even sharing a meal at breakfast is a special moment. You recognize and appreciate the little moments.

You look at each other when the other one isn't looking

This may be one of the best signs that you're in a good relationship - you can't take your eyes off each other. You steal a glance when he's reading or when she's doing her hair. And the best part is when they look over at the same time as you do, and you share a smile.

You miss each other

This is a big indicator that you're in the right relationship. Do you miss the other person when they're away? Sometimes distance and time apart may be healthy for some relationships. When she's at work or when he's on a trip, pay attention to how you feel. Even if you've been together for years, you'll still miss each other.

You set plans for the future

You both want each other. You want more happiness together and even more memories to make. If you set plans for the future, there will probably be a future. If you don't see yourself with this person in a month, move on. You're in the best relationship if you're both moving forward together.

The best relationships happen when you least expect them, and yes, everyone says that — but it's true. So when you find that romantic relationship that sets your heart on fire, you'll know that it's the best thing that could happen to you; so never let it go.

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