Did you know one of your wife's top needs is communication? She craves it; she LOVES to talk to you, with you, or sometimes at you.

She appreciates your listening ear. Of course, the amount of communication your wife needs is specific to her, but most women want a phone call, text message, email, note, or a good old fashioned face-to-face chat every day. Yes, every single day. Real communication. Like carry-on-a-meaningful-conversation communication.

You, on the other hand, may not need communication quite like she does. So naturally, you may not think as often about talking to your wife, calling her, or texting her. If this sounds like you (or your spouse), then keep reading!

Staying in touch throughout the day and meeting your wife's need for communication doesn't have to take an inordinate amount of time. It also doesn't have to distract from your day's work. It can be simple and still meaningful.

Here's how: send your spouse a text or two (or three or four) throughout the day! It's quick, it's easy, and it lets them know you care and are thinking about them.

To get you started, here are ten text messages your wife will appreciate on any given day. Some are simple, and some are a little on the cheesy side, but you get the point. A simple text can make a big difference!

It's the little things.

1. "I can't wait to see your beautiful face."

2. "Thanks for being you."

3. "I love kissing you."

4. "You really are amazing."

5. "I don't tell you thanks enough, so THANKS!"

6. "You are soooooo good at what you do. Seriously."

7. "I'm so glad I married you."

8. "How are you? For real?"

9. "You are so witty. And pretty. Haha. See what I did there?"

10. "I love you."

This article was originally published on Nurturing Marriage. It has been republished here with permission.

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