Marriage is a huge commitment, a promise that should never be taken lightly. It's a decision to put the needs and desires of another individual above your own.

Commitment and trust should be the cornerstone of all happy marriages. Without the unwavering devotion of your spouse, your marriage will likely fall victim to a physical or emotional act of betrayal.

Ask yourself, "Am I fully committed to my spouse?" If your answer is no, together agree to enact these 10 things to help you remain faithful and strengthen your marriage.

1. Agree to make marriage a priority

Agree to erase "divorce" from your vocabulary. Do not allow your marriage to have an exit plan. Establish commitment as a priority. Commitment encourages the development of trust, love and affection, all core requirements of a long-lasting marriage.

2. Agree upon unconditional trust

Marriage relies upon the common thread of trust. Without a sense of stability and reliability, your relationship will crumble under the pressure of stress and hardships.

Set the tone early on in your relationship to trust each other in every situation you face. Create a relationship on the foundation of faith, trust, hope, reliance and belief in one another.

3. Agree your single days are over

You are in it for the long haul. The ability to up and walk away from your relationship is no longer an option. You have agreed to love, appreciate and respect your spouse. You have chosen to work together through the thick and thin.

Do not fall victim in believing you are free to act without accountability to another individual. Remember your commitment; keep in mind your love for your spouse. Happily wave goodbye to your single days forever.

4. Agree to not take advantage of each other

You are not in prison or on a leash once you're married. In fact, marriage is liberating and exhilarating if it's centered on principles of love and respect. Together you can work to find the important balance of give and take. Serving each other is a positive way to establish a strong relationship.

5. Agree to NEVER take off your wedding rings

Keeping your ring on your finger provides a clear message to you and those around you that you are happily taken. The symbol serves as a small reminder to remain faithful and honor the vows you shared with your spouse.

6. Agree to kiss and hug everyday

Shower each other with hugs and kisses. Sounds cliché, right? Still do it. A daily dose of love and affection helps keep the fires burning and is a subtle reminder you love each other without having to say it.

7. Agree to avoid any tempting situations

Together agree to steer clear of any situation that could tempt your heart and mind. Recognize your weaknesses and work to find strength to overcome them. Discuss boundaries within your marital relationship.

8. Agree to show each other off

You're married, lucky you! Never forget to show off and exploit all of your spouse's positive qualities. The love and attention you provide them allows them to feel cared about and secure in their relationship.

9. Agree to constantly participate in future talk

Agree to sit down and talk about the future. Discuss future vacation plans, if and when you'll have kids, what you want to do in 50 years. Talking about a future that includes your spouse provides a sense of security and ignites a thrilling curiosity for what's to come in life. Constant inclusion and planning with your spouse will improve your relationship.

10. Agree to pray for one another

Agree to pray. Marriage is hard at times and there are days where the last thing you want to do is love your spouse. In that moment, remember to pray to love and serve one another. Pray to be the person the other so desperately needs. Together your prayers will help you find a higher ground to stand on when hard days come.

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