They say love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage, but there's room for more love in every relationship. If you're looking to make your wife swoon again, there are a few effortless ways to make her love you more every day.

1. Make every day a first date

Chivalry may be all but dead, but a woman still loves a gentlemanly gesture. Pull out her dinner chair, open her car door and offer her your jacket when it's cold. In other words, make every date a first date.

2. Do downward-facing dog

You may not be interested in yoga, crafting or making the perfect pot roast, but if your wife is, show your support and she'll adore you for it. Encourage her ambitions, even if that means not critiquing her downward-facing dog, running last-minute craft store errands or tasting more pot roasts than you'd care to.

3. Tell her she's "wonderful"

You can make your wife love you more in seconds - and with just a few syllables. A genuine, heartfelt compliment will not only make her swoon, it can contribute to a healthier relationship. In fact, Reader's Digest suggests that compliments are important in marriage because they help communication, spice things up and offer encouragement.

4. Take daddy duty seriously

Your wife wants to feel like a priority, but guess what? Putting the kids above all other needs will make her swoon even more. Take over carpool duty, or simply give her a break from the daily routine now and then. Women love men who take fatherhood seriously, especially when it involves their children.

5. Let her be girly

Your attraction to your wife (and her attraction to you) is based on a balance of feminine and masculine energies. To intensify the attraction, be sure your wife knows that you consider her a beautiful, feminine woman. Don't treat her like one of the guys, or even a good friend. Be sure she knows she's not just your partner and companion; she's the woman you'd choose again and again.

6. Show your appreciation

Taking care of a family is a joint effort, but if it's been a while since you've noticed your wife's contributions, she may feel a bit taken for granted. Make an effort to notice - and openly appreciate - your wife's efforts. Whether it's a home-cooked meal or a stack of fresh laundry folded in your dresser drawer, make a point to give her a heartfelt thanks.

7. Be excited

... but not just about anything. Get excited about things your wife is excited about. Whether that's a home renovation project, something she's working on at her job or just a movie she can't wait to see, your enthusiasm will touch her heart.

8. Tickle her funny bone

Life isn't all fun and games, but if you're not laughing regularly, you might not be as happy as you could be. According to a 2015 study, couples who laugh more tend to be happier in their relationships. So if you're looking to reignite a spark, tickle her funny bone.

9. Do the dishes

... or clean the bathroom, sweep the floor (you get the idea). Even if your wife works full time, she's likely pulling more than her weight around the house too. Take over a few of the household chores, giving her time to do something she enjoys. She'll love you for it.

10. Practice love everywhere

Your heart is a muscle. Whether you're complimenting your wife or giving back to charity, exercise your ability to love every day. Ziphub is a great way to do just that. Shop with Ziphub and 10 percent of what you spend will be donated to a nonprofit organization selected by you because there's never too much love in the world.

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