You can feel understood, loved and safe with something so simple as a hug. Physical touch is singularly one of the most important gestures you can make in any relationship.

Keep in mind these forms of physical contact when you want to remind your husband how much he means to you.

1. A warm embrace

There is something about coming home to the woman that loves you and having her simply hold you that makes every stress melt away. Hug your husband often and try to hold him just a little longer than normal.

2. Offer a head scratch

This has been proven to stimulate relation receptors in the brain. Maybe a little nail action would not hurt as you settle down for the night. If anything, he might return the favor!

3. Hand holding

Your husband will feel warmed and comforted as you reach for his fingers. It's a very subtle way to express affection and remind him that he is the only man for you.

4. Back rub

You need to pull out this card when it's obvious that your hubby has had a very long day in the office. Taking the time to smooth down any aches will show him how much you sincerely care for his well-being. Sometimes all a husband really needs is some TLC.

5. Be the big spoon

Obviously, this is not something you have to make into a habit but changing it up while you slumber will show him that while you sleep you desire to stay in close proximity to him. Switch it up for once and keep him warm by playing big spoon while you sleep.

6. Spontaneous kisses

The surprise this kind of affection will give your husband is just the jolt of love he needs to be reminded of. It will express how much you love him and most importantly serve as an expression of your admiration for him.

7. Gentle touches

If you're out on a date at the movies and you lay your hand down gently on his leg, he will feel more inclined to be connected to you. It's a small but tender sign of your endearment and devotion to him.

8. Deep kisses

I'm not talking about some ordinary kiss. I mean the ground shattering, all-consuming kiss that blows you away. After a romantic evening or walk in the park, randomly stop your husband and give him the kiss of his life. Make it feel like the last one you will ever be able to give one another. I promise it will rock his world!

9. Cuddle time

Popping in a movie or just languishing life away in a hammock on a warm night is the perfect way to just lay and hold one another. There is a beautiful simplicity in being content in silence as you hold onto the person you love.

10. Use those hands

Men love this little trick right here! Look deep into your husband's eyes and take his face into your hands. Place your fingers where his neck meets his chin, look at him like you did when you first realized that you loved him. But don't kiss, just hold his gaze, keep that touch and build an anticipation. It will slowly turn into a beautiful and vulnerable moment for you both.

Physical contact in any relationship is important. Touch goes a long way. It can be personal, romantic, joyful, electric and everything in between. You show your husband small gestures of physical touch, and he will slowly grow in closeness as your bond strengthens.

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