You just started dating the most amazing guy and can't stop thinking about him. This is such an exciting time, and you don't want this great feeling to ever go away!

Well, how can you guarantee that he will stick around? If you want to keep him by your side, here are 10 dating behaviors that you should definitely avoid:

Digging too deep

It's been a week and you already want to know everything about his family, past girlfriends and best friends. That's great! You should want to learn about these things, but make sure he tells you when he is ready. If you try and dig too deep too soon you may just push him away.

Too high of expectations

Even if typically the men pay for meals, plan dates, and open doors for a woman, that doesn't mean it has to be that way. It is polite to offer to pay for your meal or offer to plan the date every once in a while. It is refreshing for the guy and lets him go to sleep with a few more dollars in his wallet than he thought he would.

Texting... A LOT

Put the phone down and give him your full attention. Texting can become a bad habit that shows disrespect to the one you are with. Keep your eyes on him. When you are texting him, keep the texts flirty and simple. Save your deepest conversations for when you are physically together.

Irrationally jealous

Men are attracted to confidence! If you act jealous every time he mentions a girl's name, then his attraction for you is going to rapidly decrease. There will be times every once in a while when you are jealous; you're only human. But try to analyze the situation before you blow up on him only to find out he was talking about his little sister. It happens; I've been there!

Lacking other interests

Does he know your other passions? Men are attracted to women who have true passions and hobbies that he can talk about or be a part of. If you seem boring, he is going to run out of things for you guys to do or talk about.

Push for commitment

Determining the relationship early on is good, but it will relieve stress off of the man if you try to ease into that conversation or let it naturally come up. If he likes where things are headed then he will want to commit and bring it up. But remember, no two people think the same way so don't expect him to know when you are ready for it.

Obsessive gossiping

If you are constantly bringing down other women, it may give your man an indication that you lack confidence in yourself. You aren't expected to have the highest self-esteem in the world, and having a man tell you that you are loved does give you an extra push. But constantly criticizing others and being a negative nelly will not convince him that you are ready for a relationship.

Trash talking the ex

Talking about the guys you have dated before, when asked, is not a bad thing! But trash talking them is. You've dated this person, laughed with them, and maybe even loved them. When a guy see's you do this, they may think that if they ever become your ex, you would do the same thing with him too.

Fishing for compliments

You are a beautiful woman! You don't need someone to constantly remind you of that. It is nice to hear the words "You look very nice today" from the man you are dating, but let him say it when he really wants to. If you force it from him, it won't be as genuine.

Being possessive

As soon as a man feels like he's being restricted from other things he enjoys, he will start to lose interest in the person pulling him away from all of that. Let him have his freedom just like you hope he will do for you. Couples are much happier when they can do things together AND apart.

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