Who started the stereotype that guys do not like cuddling anyways? Whoever it was, it couldn't have been a man because that statement is very false. In fact, they may even like it more than women do!

The physical closeness is one way men feel love, whereas most women need to be told that they are loved.

Guys not only like the closeness, they like these 11 things about cuddling as well.

1. They like to make you feel safe

Even if they are not the financial provider in your household, they want to bring comfort and safety. Most men have an overwhelming need to protect the women they love; it is just a part of their nature. Holding you is one way for them to protect you.

2. They want to make you smile every day

Guys want their ladies to be happy all the time. Married or not, they want to bring you as much joy as they can. He knows that you love cuddling and that it makes you happy, so it makes him happy.

3. They like being close to you

As mentioned before, guys like being close. They crave human contact so much that all thoughts of food, sports, work or whatever he thinks about constantly go away.

4. They feel like a real man

When a man holds a woman, it reminds him of his ability to bring you happiness and care for you enough to bring you complete happiness. Especially when he is upset but doesn't want to share his feelings right away, cuddling allows him to feel comforted while making you happy.

5. He needs comfort too

Guys need to open up and be vulnerable. Many men would agree that a lot of times all they need is for you to hold them and listen. Cuddling with him allows him to have the responsibilities lifted off of him for a bit, which is healthy.

6. They sleep better!

Cuddling before going to sleep can actually help both of you sleep so much better! For all of you wives who wish your husband would hold you close all night long, science agrees. What does this mean? Science has now proven that men love cuddling.

7. There is no pressure

Whether he is in a committed relationship or not, cuddling is comfortable. It is a place that everyone can enjoy because you can't do it wrong.

8. It is intimate

Not all guys date to get a girl in bed. The "fact" that all men want that is an incorrect stereotype. Just being close is a great way for them to relieve stress, be at peace and satisfy their need to be close.

9. It's instinct

It is part of our human nature to seek out contact with others. Our bodies are programmed in such a way that we feel we can only survive when others love and accept us, and show us that love throughout physical contact.

10. So, it may not always be innocent ... ?

Yes, there are times when cuddling can lead to additional intimacy, but that's natural. Both men and women get a thrill of being wrapped in each other's arms. No need to complain about the possibility of him instigating more; it's natural.

11. It's good for his body

Cuddling is healthy. Science has shown that it can lower blood pressure and relieve intense physical pain. If your boyfriend enjoys being healthy, he probably already knows that cuddling a huge benefit to him.

The next time your significant other invites you in to cuddle, smile and remember the benefits it will bring to both of you.

So, to spoon or not to spoon?

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