Words are just sounds or scratches on paper. Their power isn't inherent. It comes from the significance we assign them. But some words can be more powerful than others.

While so often words seem insufficient to express how much we love someone, these 11 words carry with them deep meaning:


Reminding her of something you did when you were first dating or an inside joke you share will make your wife feel cherished. Not only that, but you can show her you love her by remembering small things such as what she's doing throughout the day or little details that are important to her


Maybe you don't believe there is one person in the world for you or maybe you do. Either way, when you married your wife, you claimed her as your soulmate. Make sure she knows that.


You can love someone without actually liking him or her. Tell her that not only do you love her, but you also like her (a lot).


Nothing says "I love you" like "I'd like to take you on a date." A date shows you value her and the time you spend with her. It shows you're putting thought into doing something special for her. If you don't have date ideas or time to prepare, you can still plan an awesome date, look here for some ideas.


At times, you need to set your pride aside and apologize for mistakes you've made or at least for making her angry. Saying "I'm sorry" shows you love her and your relationship more than you love being right.


Not only is she the love of your life, but she's your closest friend as well. Let her know you value your relationship not just as your wife but as your friend.


The sound of her name is music to her ears. Use it when you speak to her. You can also tell her you love her by calling her a special name like "honey" or "sweetheart" that you use only for her. This will make her melt a little bit inside.


Everyone needs to feel appreciated. Don't let a day go by without telling her you notice what she does for you. You could thank her for little things like handing you a towel or bigger things like caring for your children. In all things, make sure your wife hears this word of love.


Ask your wife to tell you about her day or about how she feels about something. When you tell your wife you are listening to her, she knows she is important to you.


Everyone wants to feel like they are attractive to their partner. Tell her she's stunning even when she's not wearing makeup and compliment her on her eyes, her ears or whatever you specifically think is beautiful about her.


Hopefully your wife helps you to be your best self. Tell her the ways she is helping you to be a better man, and she will feel your love.

Bonus word: Love

Bottom line, your wife needs to hear you say "I love you" despite how good you are at expressing it in other ways. Those three words mean everything.

Even though you may want to say all these things, it can be challenging at times to get the words to come out of your mouth. Let Unbox Love help you express words of love to your wife by requesting a date box to be sent right to your door. Your box will come with everything you need to have a fun, intimate time together.

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