If you are dating just to date, chances are you snagged the first man on the street that was open for two weekends in a row. Things are fine, he's fine, and your relationship is just fine. While there's nothing wrong with a relationship that is working out okay, why settle for average? In order to test out if your relationship is something more than normal, find a man who fits every single one of these bullets:

Sayonara, Sherlock

There's no need to play detective with this one. Of course you are curious about how he spends his time when he's not with you, but there's no malicious interest in knowing exactly what his feelings are towards his very pretty friend from high school. You trust each other, meaning you have no need to snoop around.

Tomorrow never knows

Planning out the weekend doesn't feel any different from casually talking about going to Paris on a 25th anniversary. Mentioning how you'd like white cabinets in "our" kitchen feels as natural as breathing. He projects into the future, you project into the future and it all clicks... that doesn't just happen in the average relationship.

Expired yogurt

Flirting includes saucy comments about a new lipstick color, or mentioning how your yogurt is about to expire. Everyday life gives your man the chance to tell you he's thinking about you and he doesn't waste the chance to let you know.

Date night

A Wine and Cheese Gala or a trip to the store to get more yogurt constitutes date night. It's not the activity that means you'll have a lovely time together; it's just about who's there. Really, you both could go to the store needing toilet paper on a Friday night and would have a ball if things are more than just average.

What breakups?

You don't even bat an eye at past boyfriends. No need to dwell on the past when Mr. Wonderful is around.

Small talks

Even casual friends follow-up a simple "How you are?" with a question about how your mister is doing. They know you two are like peas in a pod (and how much you like to gush about it).

Mister match

You and your beau always seem to match in some adorable way, mostly on accident. He's gotten you hooked on wearing sneakers while he's come around to wearing plaid and you both walk out wearing similar outfits. It's undeniably cute, and definitely not found in the average relationship.

Netflix lovers

You don't hesitate to put your episode on pause until you both can watch it together. Whether it's a couple of hours or a few days to wait, you wouldn't think of streaming the new episode without your honey. That sort of commitment is hard to find with just anybody.

Long distance

Whether it's a business conference over the long weekend, or the 15 minute commute to his apartment, you both feel like time spent apart is basically an excuse for a cute "long distance relationship" text.

Put away the decoder

He shoots you a text and it doesn't take you 23 minutes to gather up your girlfriends to actually find out what it means. Gaps in punctuation, no emojis or waiting to respond doesn't have any sort of subtext.

Cinema smooches

Gone are the days when a passionate make out scene in a movie makes the two of you a little uncomfortable. Now, the both of you point out that you've never quite mastered THAT type of smooch and vow to test it out when the credits roll. It's not even a little awkward to talk about that gushy romantic stuff.

Music mode

You find yourself playing songs that remind you of him, whether it's playing "your song" on repeat, or just ones that have little phrases that sound like something he'd say to you. You regret saying you hated those peppy little pop love songs because now that's all you seem to want to listen to.

Passport picks

Your travel list has gone from "backpack India solo" to "romantic retreat in Prague." Even if you didn't do it consciously, your Pinterest board is enough proof.

Outfit attire

The new pair of sweats you just bought are just as fitting as the new dress you're eyeing when it comes to date night attire. There's no need to dress up or dress down when your mister is around. He doesn't care what you're wearing, just that you're there to snuggle with.

On your mind

If you've had the same person in mind the whole time you've been reading this, then that's really all there is to it.

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