You already know your husband is pretty amazing, but how amazing? Here are 16 signs there is no one else in this world who is like your husband. (Never let him go because he's one of a kind.)

1. He wins your heart all over again

Husbands that are out of this world amazing don't assume they've "got the girl" once they're married. Every day is a new opportunity to make you fall for him all over again.

2. He makes you feel beautiful

Even when you wake up with scraggly hair, whiteheads all over your face and horrendous breath, he makes you feel like you're the most gorgeous woman on the planet.

3. He brags about you

Once or twice, when he didn't know you could hear him, you've heard him say how lucky he is to be married to you. Stellar husbands talk their wives up even when they don't think she can hear them.

4. He takes you on legit dates

None of this last minute let's-put-in-a-movie-and-call-it-good business. Nah, your husband plans to take you to a hands-on museum, to make a stop-motion video or to get messy with paint. He wants to spend time with you and he wants that time to be the best ever.

5. He doesn't ask, "Are you on your period?"

Your husband is out of this world amazing if he doesn't blame your feelings on your hormones; He takes how you feel seriously. (The other reason he doesn't ask if you're on your period? He already knows.)

6. He kisses you

Just to sweep you off your feet.

7. He asks your advice

Whether the decision is big or small, your husband needs to know what you think. He values your logic and recognizes that his choices affect you too.

8. He cleans up poop

It doesn't matter if it's the baby's or the dog's, he is willing to take a smelly one for the team.

9. He introduces you with a compliment

The words "I'd like you to meet my beautiful wife" are subtle, but so sweet.

10. He makes you feel safe

You don't stress out about where your can of pepper spray is when he's around because he makes you feel protected.

11. He puts down the toilet seat

A husband who is above and beyond the norm doesn't wait for the surprised scream of a woman who fell into the toilet to tell him not to leave it up.

12. He laughs at the same stuff

Do you just lose it when you see that one crazy lady on YouTube? You're probably the only one - except your husband. If you two are in stitches while your friends vaguely smile, you know your hubby is out of this world amazing.

13. He eats your cooking (even when you burn it)

Even if you can't cook, your husband appreciates the effort and will choke down what you made. He might not love the food, but he loves you.

14. He tells you secrets

Not only does he listen to yours, he tells you his. He trusts you with his darkest pieces and doesn't want to hide anything from you.

15. He lets you pick the movie

Maybe he's not always down to watch C-3PO and R2-D2, but he's willing to sit through all that every now and then because it's what you want.

16. He makes you want to be your best

You think your husband is so out of this world amazing that he makes you want to be out of this world amazing yourself.

If your husband is the best in the whole wide universe, the two of you are gonna be crazy about the Leonardo Museum's Alien Worlds and Androids exhibit. You'll see C3P0 and Iron Man and learn what science can teach us about life on other planets. (It's out of this world amazing.)

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