While not being together as often as you'd like isn't the ideal situation for a relationship, there are some perks to dating someone long distance:

1. You appreciate your time together more

Psychologists Crystal Jiang and Jeffrey T. Hancock recently published an article confirming distance, does in fact, make the heart grow fonder. Why? Individuals who spend less time interacting face-to-face tend to idealize their partner, making you more appreciative every time you see them.

2. That "pinch me I'm dreaming kind of feeling"

Pinch me... is this real? Do I really feel butterflies every time I see you?

3. Helps develop trust

Long distance relationships are the ultimate test of faith and trust in your partner. You choose to be with a person you can't see everyday... that is commitment.

4. Independent Identity

You do you and he won't be there to change that.


Lucky you! He's not there to see you trip down the stairs, spill food on your shirt or burp mid-sentence.

6. Hugs become an important thing again

Hugs are just another excuse to grab your darling when you see them and not let go. Touch is scarce in long distance relationships... so the more hugs the merrier.

7. Normal activities become special

Since when did shopping, movie watching and grocery shopping become special? Oh yeah...Ever since you realized you seldom have the opportunity to do that together anymore.

8. Say hello to being a hopeless romantic

Long distance provides the proper setting for you to unleash your inner-romantic. Writing a charming love letter filled with all your deepest darkest feelings is a powerful gift one can provide for their significant other.

9. You have cute fights

"I miss you more." "No I miss you more." "OK I miss you most!"

10. Distance makes your heart grow fonder

Your absence makes me miss your presence.

11. You don't have to get dolled up every day

Thank you for giving me a reason to wear sweats and baggy t-shirts all the time. I love you.

12. You don't have to plan multiple dates a week

Although you would rather be spending time with them, it's a relief not planning dates all the time.

13. Your relationship is stronger if it works out

If you can make it through the long tough months spent apart, you can make it through anything.

14. Long lingering kisses

Kisses that make you never want to leave their side are swoon worthy.

15. Reason to listen to your song over and over again

Your song is on repeat... all the time... and you're not even mad about it.

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