It would be nice to make some grand gesture each day to show your spouse how much you care. However, our hectic lives usually get in the way. Don't let a lack of time derail your efforts to keep the romance alive. Here are 20 quick ways to show your spouse he or she is still the most important person in your world.

  1. Write, "I love you," in the steam on the bathroom mirror.

  2. Tuck a little love note on the steering wheel of his car.

  3. Buy her favorite candy bar the next time you fill the car with gas.

  4. Let him pick the TV show you watch together.

  5. Make her favorite dinner.

  6. Give an extra long hug as he leaves the house.

  7. Send a sweet text message.

  8. Pick a flower from the garden and lay it on her pillow.

  9. Entertain the kids so she can have a distraction-free shower.

  10. Send him an e-mail in the middle of the day.

  11. Offer a sincere compliment.

  12. Give her a back massage at the end of the day.

  13. Leave Post-it notes around the house saying things you love about him.

  14. Let him sleep in on the weekend.

  15. Write an old-fashioned love letter and send it in the mail.

  16. Pray for him.

  17. Do a chore that she usually takes care of.

  18. Hold his hand as you're walking through the store.

  19. Turn off the TV and ask her about her day.

  20. Turn on a song and slow dance in the living room.

It's simple to strengthen your marriage a little every day. Even if you only have a minute or two, take some time out of your day and show a little love. Your spouse will probably be surprised at first, but making the first move can change the entire tone of your household. Pretty soon, these little gestures of love will become habits for both you and your spouse.

20 little ways to show love

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Posted by I Love My Family ( on Thursday, July 28, 2016

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