No one goes into a marriage planning on a divorce. But when life blurs your sight of forever and distorts or diminishes what made you fall in love with your spouse in the first place, it's easy to become complacent in your marriage.

You have to actively work on your marriage for it to last. Instead of losing focus, follow these 20 perfect pieces of advice that will help you keep forever in sight.

1. Think before you speak; you can't take back words

2. Let two heads be better than one - think together

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3. Share openly ...

4. ... and listen intently

5. Don't keep score. You're on the same team!

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6. Be careful how you say it

7. Fall in love every day

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8. Keep a good thing going!

9. Stick together through the hard times

10. Cultivate faith, trust and safety

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11. Look for the positive

12. Pray for help and strength in your marriage

13. Keep goals that matter

14. Make your marriage sweet

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15. Grow together, not apart

16. Change the world by changing your marriage

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17. Love more tomorrow than you did today

18. Choose love every day

19. Be an example of a strong couple to your kids

20. Do something special for your spouse daily

You have not failed unless you've stopped trying. Don't give up on your marriage without putting forth every effort first. What can you do to make it better today?

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