You don't have to be Superwoman to make a difference in this world. You just need to be you, using your God-given strengths - and you do have them. All women do. Sometimes you just don't recognize them or shy away from using them. The time to be shy is past. Women have too much to offer to let it get away from them.

Here are three ways to magnify the mighty within you:

1. Be a powerful partner in your marriage

You are an equal with your husband and, if you're not already doing so, it's time to assume the role. You can do it with kindness and gentleness, but with a conviction that what you say and do matters. Recently we learned of a woman married to a doctor. Because they were married before he finished his education, she undoubtedly was a constant encourager as he made his way to the path of physician, while meeting her own educational goals. Early in his practice as a heart surgeon he was devastated by the death of a little girl he had operated on - the third child in this family to die of this ailment, and the second of them under his surgical care. It was almost more than he could bear. He returned home and cried all night, saying he would never operate on anyone again. He felt he was a failure.

Early that morning his wife lovingly asked, "Are you through crying? Then get dressed. Go back to the lab. Go to work! You need to learn more." She was not about to let him quit. She believed in him. He stated that this encouragement from his wife kept him on track. He became one of the finest heart surgeons in his field, saving the lives of many. He could not praise his wife enough.

By being an active partner in your marriage you can motivate your husband in good ways to become his best self. That's what devoted wives do. Believe in your husband. Use your power to lovingly keep him and your family on track.

2. Be a fearless protector of your family

Women have been given a special intuition as mothers. Whether married, divorced or widowed, you have that power within you to know what to do when your children are in need. An inspired church leader recently said, "[The world needs] women who know how to call upon the powers of heaven to protect and strengthen children and families, women who teach fearlessly. ... Married or single, you [women] possess distinctive capabilities and special intuition you have received as gifts from God. We [men] cannot duplicate your unique influence."

A widowed woman told us of her experience in raising her teenage son. He was becoming a bit rebellious, including not coming home on time. This happened a few times, until she decided on a tactic she hadn't used before. One night, when he was not home at the designated hour, she took off her makeup, put her hair in rollers, slipped on an old bathrobe and bunny slippers, and off she went to his friend's house where she knew they were watching movies. She walked into the room, went straight to her son and said, "You were to be home at midnight. Come home now."

Embarrassed, he jumped up and rushed her out, following her home. Her counsel: "If they don't come home on time, go get them - looking real ugly." No sermon was needed. She said he was never late again. Children must be taught obedience through kind and creative ways. Be active and strong in protecting your children from the dangers of a sin-filled world.

3. Be a valiant defender of family values

The world is in great need of women who have the courage to stand up for values that need reinforcing in the world today. When family values are threatened in your community, do you shake your head in disbelief and do nothing, or do you take action? The world is in crying need of women who will courageously stand for what is right and good for families. We cannot be a silent voice. When magazines that promote immorality find their way to your local market, do you let the manager know of your desire to have them removed from the view of children? If enough women - sometimes one brave woman can be enough - kindly and boldly express their feelings about this, change will happen.

If you have a concern about declining values in your community, write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Also, be courageous at Parent Teacher Association meetings and let your concerns be known. Serve on the board when you can. You can rally other concerned mothers to join in improving standards that schools need to enforce. Parents have great power. A school principal recently stated that when mothers rally for good, his job of improving standards at school is far more successful.

Are you sad to see immodest clothing dominating the racks? One mother was so concerned about this, especially the swim suits that barely cover the private parts of the body, she took action. She and her sisters organized and formed a company that creates modest, fashionable, affordable swim wear for girls and women. It has become highly successful, which tells us that many women are looking for more modest apparel for themselves and their daughters.

Women have great power in bringing good into the world. Be one of those women. Be the kind of person Mahatma Gandhi was talking about when he said, "In a gentle way, you can shake the world."

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