There are many articles and books out there that will tell you what it takes to be wife material.

Some say to do this, and others say to do that.

But now that you've been with your man for a while, how can you really tell he wants to make you his wife?

There are many ways you can know, including him just telling you, but here are 4 sure signs that he definitely wants to give you the title of being his Mrs.

1. You share him with all the people in your life and vice-versa

Your best friend loves him, and your mom adores him. You tell him about all the random blasts from the past that message you on Facebook occasionally. He knows all your girlfriends and guy friends.

A sure sign that he wants to make you his wife is that he feels you both can share the people in each other's lives with ease and without secrecy, allowing him to know he can always trust you.

2. He knows you are fine on your own

When he came along in your life, you were doing pretty fine on your own.

The world has changed, and we all know it's not the best idea to depend on someone for your stability and happiness. Rather you need to do it on your own by yourself, and if when you do happen to meet someone amazing, they can come along with you for the ride.

He loves and admires you for this, and it also makes prime wife material to him. He knows that he won't always have to worry about carrying the weight, or your entire household, on his shoulders, but that he will have a partner who equally shares the load.

3. Communication is super easy between you

He never has to second-guess what you are thinking. You don't expect him to read your mind, and he freely shares what's on his.

He loves that you can talk about everything together, even the tough stuff. Even when you don't agree, you talk it out like adults, rather than just running away from the problem.

He wants you as his forever partner because he knows that no matter what situations you face, you can talk it out and work through it.

4. He already treats you like the wife/queen you are

Nothing shows you how he really feels more than the way he treats you.

If he wants you to be his wife, he will already start to treat you like you are his.

He will ask for advice, consult you on big decisions, and start planning your future together. He will start saying things like "we" and "us" rather than "I" and "you."

He will easily express his love for you honestly and openly, and you will always feel it as well.

When your man starts showing these types of signs, don't be too surprised when a ring directly follows.

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