Whether you've been married for 100 minutes or 100 years, you can work on your marriage right now. Whether you're happily in love or contemplating divorce, you can work on your marriage right now

Family advocate, Spencer W. Kimball, said, "True marriage is based on a happiness...which comes from giving, serving, sharing, sacrificing, and selflessness."

If you have an unselfish desire to strengthen your marriage, here are five reasons to start working on your marriage right now:

Love is a choice

Twelve years ago, I chose my husband, and he chose me. I didn't just choose my husband's best qualities - I chose all of him, and vice versa. We knew that love isn't something we "fall into;" it's something we build together. It's a decision we must make and work on every single day. Choose your love, and love your choice.

Personal Growth

Marriage will probably be the hardest relationship you'll ever have. It will also be the most rewarding. When times are hard, stick it out with your mate. Working together through those hard times will only make you stronger as a couple.

If your spouse is the cause of your frustration, don't forget to take a long hard look at yourself and the areas you can improve instead of concentrating all your focus on things your spouse has done wrong. A happy and successful marriage is not only a matter of marrying the right person but also being the right person.

You're not roommates

I know I'm not the only one who has gone through the "roommate stage." You live your life - working, taking care of kids, going to school, managing a home, etc. You wave goodbye to your spouse in the morning and mumble a "good night" before settling in on opposite sides of the bed. It's easy to get caught up in being roommates. But don't forget you are also "life-mates." Make it a point each day to show your significant other some admiration, appreciation and affection.


As the world sees it, the sanctity of marriage has become less sacred. Divorce rates are increasing, and the importance of commitment is becoming less popular. But marriage is not something to try, then toss aside if it isn't always sunshine and rainbows. Marriage is precious and needs to be constantly nourished. The grass is not greener on the other side; it is greener where you water it.


If you are Christian, you made promises to both your spouse and to God when you got married. God holds us accountable to keep those promises. Marriage and families are essential to His plan. We honor Him by working through the hard times in order to keep the promises we've made.

Marriage should be the most important earthly relationship you have. Your spouse should come before your parents, before your friends and before your children. Be willing to fight for the most important person in your life.

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