Intimate relationships are very important in a couple's life. Besides being able to create children, sex generally brings couples closer together and improves better understanding between each spouse.

It is important for men and women to understand the differences in feelings and actions each gender has when it comes to sex. This article specifically deals with how men handle sex, and in return, how women can keep them interested, even after years of marriage.

Male sexuality

Men are more visual. He is enchanted by what he sees, and may be excited with a simple image of nudity. It is no wonder that the porn industry targets men as their main client, but it's important to understand that pornography is not normal. In fact, it glamourizes those who are led by their weaknesses. Pornography only takes into account the self-centered aspect of sex - rather than focusing on the emotions of both the man and woman involved.

1. Show interest

Many women are shy about expressing their sexual desires; however, it's healthy to discard prejudices and express what you want. Husbands want their wives to initiate sex instead of making excuses when he seeks it. Having both spouses initiate sex creates a healthy sexual relationship.

2. Take care of appearance

Many women neglect themselves over time. Try to stay well-groomed and healthy. Do what you need to develop a good self-esteem. It doesn't cost anything to please the eyes of someone you love.

3. Don't hate on yourself

You're smart! You're beautiful! While it will help you feel better to do the above, also realize we all have imperfections, and your husband loves you the way you are. Insecurities like, "I'm overweight," or "I do not like my body," can greatly impair sexual life. Love and value yourself. Highlight what you like about yourself and draw his attention to it.

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. ?

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4. Show love in simple ways

Look for the small things he enjoys about life. Doing those little things throughout the day can help you both feel more in love. When the time comes to be intimate, it comes more naturally for you both. This is a great weapon of seduction.

5. Give of yourself, body and soul

Life and stress happens. You may need to take some time to release negative emotions about him before you can have a desire to be intimate. Learn to focus on the positive. Healthy sexual relationships can help strengthen the love you feel for each other.

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