Marriage offers the highest form of happiness that can be experienced in this life, but can also produce pain and resentment. While there are many external influences that can lead to strife in a marriage, the biggest factor in a happy marriage is how you treat each other.

1. Talk about her weight

There are enough billboards, magazines and commercials that make your wife feel conscious about your physical appearance. She doesn't need you as another source of insecurity. There's a difference between supporting her in her desire to make positive changes and making her feel inferior. Do the first.

2. Do nothing at home

Yeah, I know. You're the "provider" and she's the "homemaker." But believe it or not, her job at home taking care of the kids is just as, if not more, stressful, than your job. So instead of flipping on the TV as soon as you walk through the door, roll up your sleeves and help out. Nothing is more attractive to a woman than a husband who is actively involved in the home.

3. Solve all her problems

We guys love to fix things. But when our wives come to us with their problems, most of the time they don't want us to fix anything. It's frustrating because we want to be the knight in shining armor and take away the source of her pain, but you just need to get over it. One of the secrets to understanding women is that, more than anything, they want empathy and validation. Give her that and it'll give her the strength to solve the problem on her own.

4. Be romantically challenged

Courtship doesn't stop at marriage. That's why I believe that having a date budget is a must for married couples, regardless of how long they've been together. Because believe it or not, time can dull even the happiest experiences you've shared, and she needs to be reminded that she's special to you. But it shouldn't be just dates. Write her love notes. Buy her flowers at random. Give her a reason to believe that you think about her all the time.

5. Be unfaithful

Most men wouldn't dream of being unfaithful to their wives, but there are a lot of ways we do it without even knowing. Now is the time to review every relationship you have with a woman who isn't your wife. Do you flirt? Do you confide in others what you don't in your wife? Do you talk bad about her behind her back? Make sure you're faithful to your wife in every way - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Happiness is possible in just about every marriage, but it won't happen unless both husband and wife work on becoming better. It may be easier to point to your wife's faults when wondering why your marriage is struggling, but it's a lot more effective to take a look in the mirror and find what you can do to be a better husband.

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