It's easy to get stuck in the routine of day-to-day life and forget to make sure your man is feeling love from you. Here are 57 easy ways to help your husband feel your love every single day.

1. Pretend to "pick him up" at a restaurant.

2. Call him a pet name.

3. Never talk badly about him.

4. Tell him a story about when you were first dating.

5. Fight naked.

6. Ask him, "What can I do for you today?"

7. Wink at him from across the room.

8. Pray for him.

9. Make him soup when he's sick.

10. Pull the covers over your heads and giggle.

11. Ask him on a date.

12. Say sorry for something you forgot to apologize for.

13. Squeeze his butt.

14. Ask him about his childhood.

15. Be your best self.

16. Share an ice cream cone.

17. Let him have alone time.

18. Ask his advice.

19. Buy his favorite treat.

20. Tell him he looks sexy.

21. Write "I love you" on his food.

22. Do his chores.

23. Kiss him in front of the kids.

24. Change the background of your phone to a photo of him.

25. Email him a song that makes you think of him.

26. Whisper a secret.

27. Don't spend too much money.

28. Send him a love letter in the mail.

29. Drop by his work.

30. Refrain from comparing him to others.

31. Let him help you do something.

32. Give him a back rub.

33. Look into his eyes.

34. Brag about him.

35. Wear something he likes.

36. Let him open the door for you.

37. Kiss him goodnight.

38. Write "I love you" on the mirror.

39. Make him breakfast in bed.

40. Learn his love language.

41. Love his family.

42. Surprise him with an extra long kiss when he gets home.

43. Let him protect you.

44. Plan a romantic getaway.

45. Don't say, "I told you so."

46. Do something he likes, even if you don't like it.

47. Send him flirty texts.

48. Seduce him.

49. Support his hobbies.

50. Thank him for something specific.

51. Give him a boy's night out.

52. Turn off your phone for a night.

53. Compliment him.

54. Hold back a criticism.

55. Serve him.

56. Let him serve you.

57. Say, "I love you."

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