Imagine if you invested eight hours a day into improving your marriage. In less than 3.5 years, you and your spouse would be the world's leading experts on happiness in marriage. It's impractical to put in that kind of time, but here are six ideas that will improve your marriage right now:


In his book Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell explains, "Researchers have settled on what they believe is the magic number for true expertise: ten thousand hours." With all the demands of life constantly beating down upon you it is difficult to find that much time to dedicate to improving your marriage, however, even an hour a day, devoted to your spouse will eventually make you a marriage expert. Work to make your marriage better.


Respect is a deep rooted feeling of admiration. When you respect your spouse, you recognize and appreciate all of his strengths and abilities. When you respect your spouse, you honor him with your words, thoughts and actions. When you respect your spouse you seek to protect her physically, emotionally and spiritually. When you respect your spouse you never speak ill of him or her. Show sincere respect for your spouse by recognizing his or her strengths. Commit now to never say anything negative about your sweetheart.


Each of us makes mistakes. We all have imperfections. Withholding forgiveness from your spouse will make you a bitter pessimist. The longer you hold onto a grudge the more dirty you will feel. The irony is that while you harbor so much hate in your heart, you will begin to blame your spouse for your feelings of despair when it is you that simply needs to let it go. Forgiveness will bring peace and prosperity to your marriage. Forgive now to get on the path to save your marriage.


Love is an action word. Learning how to re-fall in love with your spouse can be as easy as making eye contact, holding hands, talking more and creating beautiful experiences together. If you feel like you are falling out of love, it's because you are not doing enough. When you want to show your love for your spouse, don't settle on just saying it, do something unforgettable for her. Show your love by taking action, now.


Repentance is changing from the inside out. Learning how to repent and change your behavior is critical for spiritual growth and for a happy and successful marriage. Not to say repentance is easy. Changing your negative behaviors can be a challenge, but learning to overcome your weaknesses will allow you to develop qualities that will strengthen your character. Acknowledge your faults, your weaknesses and be honest about them. Appeal to the more noble side of your character and seek for the desire to change. Express a commitment to leave behind any habits that may be eroding your marriage and ask your spouse for support.


With technology, entertainment, personal interests, work and the mundane routines of life, we are constantly being pulled in different directions. Taking control of your time can be a challenge. Learn to recognize the Time Thief and eliminate those things that distract you from being able to spend quality time with your spouse. The more time you spend engaging in fun and meaningful activities together, the closer you will become as a couple.

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