Your marriage needs an exciting date night from time to time. Like an adventurous, novel, and crazy-fun date with your spouse.

Why? According to research (keep reading), these kinds of adrenaline-pumping dates will help you feel more attracted to your spouse, and have a better relationship. Plus, you will create super amazing memories, strengthen your friendship, and have awesome stories to tell. Sounds like a win-win, right?

Your marriage deserves that kind of zest, don't you think?

The Relate Institute recently included the following fascinating information in this article:

Adrenaline and Dating

Research has shown that initial attraction can occur more frequently when people feel strong emotions such as fear or anger. Some say this is due to the body's nervous system responding very similarly when it feels attraction or fear: The pupils dilate, the stomach churns, and the bladder tries to empty itself (but hopefully does not manage to). This means that going through a neurologically arousing experience can increase feelings of attraction for the person you are with...

A study designed to test this theory had two bridges set up above a deep canyon. One bridge was built low in the canyon with only about a 10 foot drop. It was sturdy, and had high handrails. The other was built out of wooden boards attached to wire cables, was 200 feet above the floor of the canyon, and would tilt and sway as you crossed it. (Imagine every rickety bridge featured in a cartoon.) On the other side of both bridges was an attractive woman. The researchers had her approach men after they crossed one of the two bridges, and ask them to take a brief survey. After they finished the survey, she gave each man her phone number asking them to call if they had any further questions. Researchers predicted that the men on the shaky bridge would be more likely to call, as they would mistake their fearful arousal for a romantic one. Sure enough, more men from the shaky bridge made the call."

With this research in mind, it's easy to see why exciting first dates could be a great strategy for anyone hoping to make a connection. Skipping dinner and a movie for something more adrenaline -seeking can boost that sense of initial attraction. However, does that mean you just quit the exciting stuff once you find a partner?

Not necessarily. Another study had sixty couples go on dates that were either novel and exciting, or pleasant but mundane. The couples who went out on the adventurous dates showed a significant increase in relationship quality when compared to the couples who did not.

This doesn't mean that it's time to completely ditch the game nights for skydiving, but throwing an exciting date into the mix can be beneficial for strengthening a connection." (The Relate Institute

With all of that fascinating research now in your head (drumroll please), we give you 7 adrenaline-pumping date night ideas you need to try with your spouse:

1. Go indoor or outdoor rock climbing.

2. Train for an evening at an American Ninja Warrior facility.

3. Play at an amusement park and ride all the scary rides (hold hands).

4. Try a room escape (Where you are locked in a room for 60 minutes, and have to solve clues to get out. Super fun as a group date with other couples.).

5. Go kayaking or white water rafting.

6. Go indoor skydiving (or outdoor if you're really brave).

7. Dance the night away at a swing-dancing facility or local recreation center.

**We do NOT recommend activities that may put you or your spouse in danger of physical harm.

This article was originally published on Nurturing Marriage. It has been republished here with permission.

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