Did you marry a reader? Lucky you!

All the time they spend on the porch with a good book is actually helping you more than you realize.

There are special traits that those who love books have that separate them from the others.

Yes, it has been proven that reading does make people smarter, but did you know that it could make your marriage significantly better too?

1.They are more in touch with their emotions

In many novels, there are moments meant to make the reader feel sad, angry or true empathy. People who read often probably have a better understanding of their emotions because they have taken the time to discover what triggers them through the stories of others.

Book lovers know the complexity of human emotions and can identify with the problem of their partner just like they can a character in a book.

2. They make the time

They stay in the moment. As they have learned from their experiences, in order to enjoy reading a good book, the outside world has to disappear. They let go of their worries and focus on the story.

This quality is spectacular for a spouse because it allows them to pay attention to you in the smallest of ways and when you need it most. They are mindful of what you need, and notice all of their senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and sound.

3. They willingly try new things

New cultures, unique points of view and crazy adventures sound enticing to book lovers. They are not afraid to explore things that are out of the ordinary or totally new.

This can be especially great in a marital relationship, because they will put a lot of effort into trying to communicate with you in the best way possible, no matter how drastic the change in them will be. They understand the emotional tie between the two of you and will do almost anything to keep you interested in them.

4. Their listening and memorization skills trump everyone else's

Their language skills are impeccable. In word and action, book lovers understand what makes a good listener and know how to express their thoughts in a meaningful way.

Book lovers develop a more expansive vocabulary, which allows them to express themself with words better than others. The numerous plot twists, complex characters and change of settings they read about have strengthened the neurons' connection in their brain, which results in a better memory as well.

5. They are not judgmental and are supportive

Book lovers try to emanate the heroes that they read about in their books. They know their significant other is searching for someone to help them with the stresses of the world and make them feel loved at the end of the day.

They don't look down at people because they are different. They love and welcome them with open arms.

6. They value the important things in life

There is much more to life than material things. Book lovers enjoy art, music and movies like other people, but their love has a deeper meaning. They understand the art, they respect the music and they are moved by the movie's story and underlying message.

Most importantly, they value the people in their life, including themselves. They are not boastful, but they love and respect themselves, which drives their daily actions. Their family means everything to them.

7. No more stress

Many people get very stressed at work or in their marriage, which makes them act negatively towards their loved ones. Reading reduces stress and allows negative thoughts to float away.

Stressed couples have a harder time enjoying the company of one another. Being a reader and letting the daily stresses go will help avoid marital conflict and keep the heat in the relationship alive.

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