Women can be terribly confusing (admit it, women, men just don't get us) and our husbands are expected to know exactly how to take care of us. Society places unbelievably high standards on them to look a certain way, to not show their emotions, to be a man and to take care of their woman.

It can be a tough balancing act. One of the hardest things a married man worries about is how to take care of his wife and make her happy.

Here are seven ways husbands are hurting their wives without even knowing it:

1. Prioritizing your work

Or prioritizing anything else before your marriage, for that matter. When you work late hours or spend your Friday night with the guys, you're showing your wife you don't care to spend your time with her.

One argument some men use is that they're working extra hours so they can provide for the family, but your wife would rather spend more time with you than have a few extra dollars to spend.

2. Withholding physical affection

Even if you're not doing it intentionally, your wife needs that physical intimacy with you - even if it's just putting your arm around her during a movie. This is a silent way to tell her you love her. Women become self-conscious when their man isn't physical with them. Hold her hand while you drive around. When you pass each other in the kitchen, give her a gentle yet intentional touch. Tiny touches like this are sure to improve your relationship and make your wife feel loved.

3. Complaining

Every woman wants a man who's able to take charge, work hard and stay positive. When your wife is going through a rough time, she needs you to help her see the silver lining in things. When you're pessimistic and constantly complaining, your wife doesn't feel like she can trust you to take care of her.

4. Pornography

Men, your pornography addictions are destroying your relationship with family. It weakens your sexual intimacy with your wife and rewires your brain to view her as a source of pleasure instead of as an actual person. Show your wife you love her and respect her by ending the pornography habits and focusing on strengthening all aspects of your marriage.

5. Passiveness

The opposite of love is not hate, it is complacency. When you don't seem to care about helping out your wife with chores, making food or spending quality time with her, she feels like you don't love her. Take time to keep the house clean, help make dinner and take her out on dates.

A marriage takes work, and when you're not willing to put forth that effort, your wife and the mother of your children will suffer.

6. Acting more like a boy than a man

Everyone loves to be a little goofy sometimes. Your wife may have fallen in love with you because she felt comfortable enough to be silly with you. Don't forget your goofy side.

Being a man doesn't mean you can't be silly, it means you know how to be responsible and dutiful. It means you know how to take care of your wife and provide for a family. When you're lazy and make her feel like you're just another child she has to take care of as a mother, she's going to be unhappy in her marriage.

7. Not communicating with her

We get it, women talk a lot more than men. We're more emotional too, and it can be confusing knowing when we want advice or when we just want someone to listen to us rant. How's a man supposed to know whether to start suggesting solutions or to just sit quietly and listen up?

The best way to play it safe is to just listen. But your wife wants to hear from you, too. She wants to hear how your day went, how you felt about that movie and what you were really thinking when the neighbors came over for dinner. Be honest and open with her. It tells her that you love her and trust her enough to show her a side of yourself that no one else sees.

Men, you're doing a great job. Your wife loves you more than anything and appreciates all you do for her. Working on these seven points will help you to be an even better husband, which in return will give you an even happier wife (and an even happier life).

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