Everyone is searching for that "I can't live without you" kind of love. It is on high demand and extremely hard to come by these days.

The media places life-altering love in the limelight. They dress it up, blow it out of proportion and make you believe that your soul mate will simply fall in your lap. They show love, but do not offer tips or advice about how to obtain it.

My mother taught me, "When it comes to love, you have to make it as magical and life changing as you want it to be. You make the love you deserve. It does not fall in your lap without effort."

So what's the big secret? What kind of effort is required to build a relationship that makes your man fall harder and more in love with you everyday? Here are 8 secret tips:

1. Make him feel like a man

Let your man be a man. Embrace his masculinity and try to "get" him and all his unique quirks. A man wants to protect and provide for you. When you take away those feelings from him, you are, in a sense, stripping him of his purpose in the relationship.

2. Inspire him with encouragement

Never allow your man to feel like he is your next big project. He can't be "fixed", but you can encouraged him to change. Be a positive influence through your words and actions. Your acceptance and willingness to be open with him will allow the two of you to break down walls built by poor decision making and fear.

3. Accept his individuality

Isn't it remarkable that every human being that has ever walked the earth is different? People have their own unique personality, likes, interests and fears. Embrace your man for all of the quirks that makes him ... well, him. You will never meet someone like him again, so accept and admire his fears, hopes and dreams.

4. Provide unceasing gratitude

Constantly remind your man how grateful you are for him. To make a man fall even harder for you, acknowledge the small and large efforts he puts forth to make you the happiest. Your gratitude will strengthen your relationship, and in turn, increase his willingness to serve you as well.

5. Be gracious and nurturing

Allow your man to be a manly man and a protector, be his nurturing and caring counterpart. Before you misconstrue my words as sexist, please let me explain: Strong relationship are built when couples learn to give and take. If your man gives you strength, provide him with your own form of steady.

6. Go with the flow

A man admires a woman who can roll with the punches and go with the flow. Men are simple, and women tend to be more complicated. Beat the stigma by exuding positivity, radiance, optimism and a willingness to do whatever is best for those around you.

7. Trust him all the time

Honor your man, trust him and always give him the benefit of the doubt. It is vital to develop a relationship centered on trust and faith in one another. When trials and hard times hit, you can rely on this foundation to hold the two of you together.

8. Allow him to help even if you can do it on your own

Let him serve you, love you and be there for you. He loves to feel like he is needed and appreciated. Be assertive and independent, but save specific tasks for your man.

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