Gratitude is a critical component of a healthy, successful marriage. One of the most significant ways you can show how grateful you are for your partner is complimenting them regularly. Don’t be afraid to flatter your spouse by calling out the positive qualities you see in them. The cool thing about compliments is that they never go unnoticed. They make you feel good, and they cost nothing to give. Here are eight ways to flatter your wife.

“You are the most beautiful woman I know.”

Let your wife know she’s beautiful on the inside and out. Sometimes, women need these reminders and pick-me-ups from their husbands. You may think that she knows that you think she’s beautiful, but there may be something getting in the way of her seeing that herself. It’s common for insecurities to show up with age. She is noticing the lines on her face and the extra weight she just can’t shake off. These compliments can help her remember just how beautiful she is in your eyes. You’re opinion matters the most to her.

“Thanks for being my best friend.”

Your wife wants to know that she is not only your partner but also your best friend. Think about it. Best friends share everything. They trust each other more than they trust anyone else. You feel so comfortable with them that if they criticize you, there is no misunderstanding because you know the intent behind it. You can be as fun and silly as you want to be. You just get each other. Your wife will appreciate knowing that she is that particular person for you. Telling your wife that she is your best friend reminds her just how important she is to you.

“I appreciate your honesty.”

Honesty is an important component of every healthy relationship. When we’re honest in our relationship, we can move from fantasy to reality, and there is incredible comfort in that. One of the most positive things you can tell your wife is that you appreciate their honesty. It indicates that you are truly listening to what they have to say and caring about their opinion. It is a sign that their words are valued. When she hears these words from her husband, it makes her more comfortable being forthright about other concerns. Open lines of communication will only help your relationship to grow.

“I really admire your inner strength.”

This compliment shows that you’re paying attention to what’s going on, on the inside and outside. Marriage, parenthood, and careers take a lot of work. Doing all these things together requires a certain amount of physical, mental, and emotional strength. Let your wife know that you marvel at her strength. These may just be the words she needs to get through the next difficult task she’s faced with.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

This may seem like a simple thing to say to your wife but saying these words will mean the world. It’s another way to tell her how much you appreciate her. One of the great things about being in a marriage is that you have someone right next to you to share your life with. It will make your wife feel good to know that you recognize that she adds exceptional value to your life.

“Thanks for making dinner, baby. It was really good.”

Ask yourself when was the last time you told your wife how much you enjoyed her cooking? Tell your wife how much you appreciated your delicious dinner. It will make her night. Too often, we get caught up in our routines and forget to acknowledge the people we love for the things they do. This is an excellent opportunity to recognize your wife for the incredible role she plays in your household.

“You’re a wonderful mother.”

If you and your wife have children, remind her what a fantastic mom she is. Tell her that your child or children are fortunate to have her as their mother. This is the role that she puts everything into. There is nothing your wife wouldn’t do for her children. Your wife will feel so good being acknowledged for what she does. Saying these words to her also helps her to know that you recognize all the things she does. Parenting is hard work. The mom hat never comes off. Let your wife know that she’s doing a great job. It will brighten her day.

“I’ve seen you grow so much.”

Growth is a beautiful process. It takes time, but the more you work you put into your personal development, the bigger the payoff. Don’t be afraid to tell your wife that you are witnessing her growth. This complement is incredibly meaningful when you are working on rebuilding your relationship. This can take a lot of work. Your wife will feel good knowing that you’ve noticed her growth and the progress that has been made.

Your flattery must be coming from an honest and sincere place. Your wife can sense if they are coming from an insincere place, and the last thing you want to do is come off like you’re manipulative. In addition to complimenting the physical, take the time to comment on your wife’s character. The special woman in your life will appreciate hearing that you appreciate their kindness, intelligence, and a big heart.

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