Improving yourself, having fun and enjoying happiness with your spouse are all things that will help to strengthen your marriage. Taking a personal inventory of ourselves and asking specific questions will help us to take our marriages to the next level.

Here are a few questions you can regularly ask your spouse that will help to keep that flame of love burning bright:

How am I doing as a spouse?

There is nothing worse than finding out about your failures as a spouse from random people. If your spouse is telling the neighborhood, his or her family and everyone else other than you about your imperfections then some intervention is needed. To prevent this, give your spouse an opportunity to evaluate your performance by asking what you can do better in your relationship.

Humility is the key here. No matter how ridiculous you feel that the critique may be, do not invalidate your companion. Accept the way your spouse feels and try to see it from his or her point of view. Molding your behavior in a way that will please your spouse will bring you great rewards. As you regularly and lovingly ask each other how you can improve, your marriage will become stronger and stronger as the years go by.

Are we having fun yet?

Having something to look forward to with your spouse will help bind you together. Those couples that can smile and laugh together, that can play and have fun with each other have a glow that other couples do not possess. There is a burning fire of love and enthusiasm in their marriage, which is something worthy to strive for.

Set goals with each other. Make sure that you take time to work on those goals together. As the weeks and months pass by it can be easy to fall into the mundane routines of life. If you are not actively working toward something as a couple life will just pass on by. If you are struggling with ideas, 51 cheap dates for married couples provides fun activities. You should also get in the habit of setting and keeping goals together. Always have something to look forward to.

Are you happy?

True and lasting happiness is a deep desire that each of us have. Some seek for this happiness in possessions, others in recognition and some in worldly pleasures. The happiness found by living a moral and virtuous life, in connection with your religious principles, is a happiness that will not fade away.

There are some old sayings that reveal the wisdom in making sure that your spouse is happy, "A happy wife is a happy life," and another, "If mama aint happy, aint nobody happy." Regularly asking your spouse if he or she is happy will help you plot a course that will lead your family to greater happiness and satisfaction in life. If one of you is not fully satisfied with the course of your life than talk about how you can get on the path that will lead you both to greater happiness.

Happiness in marriage exists! Look for opportunities to improve your marriage by asking your spouse these questions on a regular basis.

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