Sometimes there are things in life that just did not happen the way you thought they would. Things came up, your path didn't quite go the direction you wanted it to, and along the way you've acquired some habits you don't like. Though you are further along in life, you may think it's too late to do (or undo) some things. This is not true. It is never too late.

Below are some of the biggest things we feel we cannot change about our life and reasons why you should stop doubting, and do them anyways:


Not finishing (or starting) an educational degree is an all-too-common regret. Life happens, things come up, and you went another direction with your life. While these reasons are legitimate, they are not a reason to give up on your education. It is NEVER too late to enroll in school and get your degree. Many general education classes you take in college never expire, meaning if you started a degree 20 years ago your basic classes could be applied to a new degree. Most classes that apply to a specific major are only good for a certain amount of years (usually 5), so those might need to be taken again.

Even if you aren't looking for a career, education is incredibly important. Education can't be taken away from you. Night classes, courses once a week, classes taken online can help work with any schedule. Do not allow age or fear stand in your way of achieving something truly great.


Most people feel if they didn't find love by a certain age, then the odds are stacked against them. They feel they have missed their window, and won't find love. Don't let this stereotype get you down. People find love at every age. The person meant for you just might be taking a little longer to find you. Maybe their journey led them away for a time so they could become the right person for you. Put yourself out there by going to activities, clubs, and conventions. Try online dating, speed dating or blind dates. Make friends at work and make friends with their friends. Your other half won't just show up at your door one day. To find love, you'll need to get out, be patient and show your true self at all times.

In the meantime, learn to love yourself. Love others. Loving friends, children, nieces, nephews or even strangers is a way to express and experience love.

Learning a new skill

Have you always wanted to play the violin, be a skier or be able to take amazing pictures? Do it! Just because you aren't 5 years old doesn't mean you can't learn something new. Learning to paint may not be as easy as it would have been in childhood, but don't let that stop you. Relish your committment to your hobby. As children we often had hobbies that our parents wanted. Take the chance to do something for yourself while learning a new skill. Don't be too hard on yourself and have fun enjoying the journey.

Breaking a bad habit

Is there a habit that you've had forever and are now ready to break it? It could be biting your nails, losing your temper, or even spending too much money. While it's something that's hard to do, but breaking a habit is not impossible. Start small, take it one step at a time, and slowly but surely tackle the beast. Being an adult means learning self-discipline, an important skill at any age. Don't let pride or age stop you from improving yourself. The phrase old dogs can't learn new tricks is absolutely not true. If you make it a priority, you can make it happen.

Whether you are 22 or 92, any of these options are possible for you. If there is something you really want you can achieve it. Do not let stereotypes, fears, doubts, or excuses stand in your way. Take control of your own life and achieve the things you want to accomplish.

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