Are you truly in a happy relationship? Will the two of you stick it out for the long run, or are things headed downhill?

With pesky doubts and second guesses that are prone to pop up once you start dating someone seriously, it can sometimes be hard to tell if you're really in a good, happy relationship. By answering these eight questions, you can gain some insight and clarity into your love. But remember, it's important to be honest with yourself and truthfully answer each one.

1. Are they on your mind quite a bit?

How often does your mind gravitate towards thoughts of them? A good sign of a happy relationship is if they are the first person you think of when you wake up.

2. Do you worry about them?

This might contradict the idea happiness, but if you worry occasionally for your significant other, that's actually a sign things are going pretty well. They make you happy, which then in turn makes you worry for their well-being because you care about them so much.

3. Do they treat you with respect?

A little R-E-S-P-E-C-T goes a long way, especially when it comes to relationship bliss. Couples in a strong, healthy relationship show an abundance of consideration and appreciation for each other. In no case does a happy relationship include people who are disrespectful and coarse to each other.

4. Do you feel like they make you a better person?

If they make you want to be a better person (or better yet, they've already made you a better person), you are almost definitely in a happy relationship. Not only that, it's a sign your relationship will be happy for the long haul as well.

5. Are they kind to you?

Kindness is SO important to any happy, healthy relationship. Never, ever should you allow rudeness, not to mention any form of abuse, from a significant other. A kind partner is a sure guarantee you'll find joy and contentment with them by your side.

6. Can you picture what your life would be like without them?

It might sound cheesy, but when people say things like, "My life would be awful without them," what they're really saying is they are completely sure their relationship makes them happy, and without it they'd be miserable.

7. Do they make you feel special, important and loved?

Or in other words, do they do both the small and big things to show you they care? Anything from a cute little text to let you know you're on their mind to a big birthday surprise, a partner in a happy relationship will make you feel like something special.

8. Are you happier now than before you met them?

This might be an obvious question for determining the happiness of a relationship, but it needs an answer to determine just how well things are going. Are you truly happier now than before you got together? If so, that's great!

Did you answer yes to all eight questions? If so, you're lucky enough to be in a happy relationship that's headed in a hopeful direction.

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