When you've got a good man, you don't just stand by him, you do everything you can to keep him around. Locking your relationship down isn't as hard as you think, and these simple actions will keep your husband around forever.

Step out of your comfort zone

You're all about Netflix, but all that comfort and familiarity might be doing your relationship a disservice. Why not try something new - or maybe even scary - to challenge you both and help you grow together? Think of your husband like a business colleague and date night like a team-building exercise. Why take in dinner and a movie when you can swim with stingrays or zip line through the jungle? Chances are, you'll be just a little closer for it.

Get glammed up

Say what you will about diamonds, sweats are a girl's best friend. That said, greeting your hubby every day in a different pair of stretchy pants (or worse: the same pair), could be a romance killer. Plan a date night reminiscent of your days of courtship. Whether it's a night at the symphony or a resort vacation complete with all-you-can-eat buffets, be sure to glam it up before heading out. Don't worry, those 4-inch heels will be worth the pain.

Discover something new

A new culture, a new food, a new band - it really doesn't matter. Making cool discoveries together gives you memories on which you're building the foundation of your relationship. Years down the line you'll still be talking about that indie rock concert you saw together or that bike ride you took through the forest of Mexico. Soon, his favorite memories will all be interwoven with you and your relationship, and that's a really good thing.

Get epicurean

Cooking together isn't just about health and convenience - though it can certainly satisfy both. But when you make dinner with your husband, you're also strengthening your relationship. Says who? Science, for one. According to Brides, couples who cook together experience better communication and happier marriages. The only caveat: Don't fight over who gets to wear the chef's hat.

Show each other off

Every woman wants to be shown off, but guess what? Guys love it too. Rather than complaining to your co-workers - or even worse, family members - about your husband, brag him up. Focus on talking about his best qualities and maybe even his great glutes. Men love to feel wanted and appreciated, and telling the world how much you love your man is a great way to do just that.

Play video games

If World of Warcraft is the way to his heart, by all means, grab the remote control and start trash talking like you're a professional hockey player. Loving someone means supporting them in their hobbies - and maybe even playing along. If he's not a video game guy, make an effort to participate in his favorite activities - whether that's a competitive game of driveway one-on-one or an afternoon hike in the mountains. He'll love you for it, even if you're rubbish.

Keep him guessing

...in and out of the bedroom. Whether it's answering the door with a nerf gun in hand or whisking him off to an adventurous Mexican vacation, surprise is a healthy attribute of any relationship. According to Psychology Today, "surprises add spark to your relationship and communicate how much you care."

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