Some things very close to our hearts can so easily be taken for granted. A couple's marriage is one of those. Without careful attention, it can be pushed to the back burner. Like a delicious dish in the making, it needs to be stirred, tasted, flavored, and enjoyed.

With a bit of planning and effort couples can enrich their marriage by giving it little gifts throughout each day. Relationships flourish when tended to. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Gift #1: The gift of three-second kiss

Hugs and kisses matter, so give them to each other often. It's like infusing your marriage battery with a fresh charge.

Everything looks better after a tender hug and kiss from your spouse. Kisses need to be meaningful. Pecks don't do the job. Give it some passion. Linger a little longer. Let you mate know you're enjoying the kiss. A three-second kiss will send that message much more convincingly than a quarter-second peck.

Let your kids see you kissing and enjoying it. Even if they groan at the sight, don't let that influence you. Nothing makes children feel more secure than to see that their parents are in love with each other. Homes and marriages can be falling apart all around them, but when they know Mom and Dad really enjoy being married, then they know their family is secure.

Gift #2: The gift of adoring

Spoil each other every chance you get. We're not talking about expensive gifts or trips. We're talking about the simple everyday ways you can give your mate a little extra special treatment.

For instance, if you know your honey enjoys a cool refreshing beverage when he or she comes home, have it ready and waiting. You might also snuggle up on the sofa and watch your mate's favorite show together. One woman reported doing this with her husband, saying she wasn't one bit interested in the show he was watching, but did it anyway. Before long she was as engrossed in it as he was.

Another thing you can do is bring home your spouse's favorite treat now and then. Little surprises along the way can mean a lot. Think right now of ways you can spoil your sweetheart this very day.

Gift #3: The gift of sentiment

Take a walk down memory lane, together. Find a quiet place and just start remembering out loud. Talk about how you met and why you were attracted to each other. That can be very romantic and lots of fun. Talk about your honeymoon, or other trips you've enjoyed together. Share some of the sweet things you enjoy about each other and your kids. Avoid discussing controversial issues. Just have a good time remembering your life together. Sometimes looking back at a difficult time and realizing that you made it through is rewarding. Talk about the blessings you enjoy. Express your love and appreciation for each other.

As you do these three simple things, your marriage cannot help but put on a fresh glow and your feelings of love for each other and your family will increase.

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