Being a new parent of a newborn can be stressful, scary and full of unknowns. Especially if you're a first-time dad.

This commercial from Thailand shows how overwhelming having a baby can be. A new and attentive dad is home alone with his baby daughter who soon starts crying. He calls his wife at the store for help and ideas. He can't feed the baby. The cartoon on his phone doesn't soothe her. Mom tries peekaboo over the phone, but none of it is working.

That's when the dad gets an idea. He sets down the phone and picks up his daughter. She stops crying instantly. "Technology will never replace love."

The message is so simple, yet how often do we lack human-to-human interaction and more often communicate via text, email or social media? Do we let our kids play games and watch TV to pacify them?

What we need is to love more and use technology less. Interact in a personal way using our senses, emotions and hearts. Too often, people are physically with friends or family, yet they are in a distant cyberland with their thoughts. Have we forgotten our manners? It is rude to ignore the people you love and give your attention to electronic devices.

In families, what we need is each other. Here are some Fabulous family traditions to get you started spending more time together. Technology is fun and has some really good uses, but when we use it in excess or to replace human interactions, we are missing out on so much more.

People need communication, touch, relationships and, most importantly, to give and receive love. "Technology will never replace love."

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