Tricia Somers' world was turned around last spring when she was diagnosed with liver cancer. However, the 45-year-old single mother's biggest worry wasn't about herself but about who would care for her 8-year-old son, Wesley.

According to a local TV station, WHTM, Somers' choices for who would take care of her son were limited. Her parents had passed away from cancer several years prior and her husband was not a large part of Wesley's life. However, someone unexpected came into Somers' life and took care of her worries.

"She came in and I just felt this overwhelming feeling of comfort," Somers told WHTM. "It was strange. I never had that feeling before and I thought, 'she is going to take care of me. She is the one.'"

Throughout her numerous cancer treatments at Pinnacle Health's Community General Campus in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Somers' nurse, Tricia Seaman, became a close friend to Somers. According to ABC News, when Somers found out her treatment was terminal, she asked Seaman a life-changing question.

"She said, 'If I die, will you raise my son?'" recalled Seaman.

What Somers didn't know is that Seaman and her husband were in the process of trying to adopt a son.

"Sometimes God has a plan for our lives," Seaman told WHTM. "Sometimes we think we know what that plan is, but we really do not."

The Seamans granted Somers' request and agreed to open their hearts and home to Wesley after Somers passes away. In the meantime, they've invited Somers and Wesley to move in with them.

"It is a privilege to be able to walk with her on this journey," Seaman told WHTM. "We are going to be able to utilize this as we raise Wesley, as we go forward with him. His past is not a mystery to us and we have learned the traditions that are special to him. We can still do those things that meant a lot to him."

Even though Somers' biggest concern is taken care of, she is still fighting to spend more time with her son and her new family.

"I am just hanging in there and holding on," she said. "Hopefully, I can see my son grow up. I am at peace and I accept it. I know he will be taken care of. I just hope that I can be here as long as I can be here."

As for Seaman, she already has much love for the new additions to her family.

"We just want Trish to live life to the fullest and... we love her and love Wesley," Seaman told ABC News. "He's a very smart little boy. We want to see him get an education and be successful and know that he's not alone. He has a family. He's not going to be all by himself."

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