Women are sentimental creatures. They cry during tender moments in movies. They cry at the sight of a bride walking down the aisle and again as vows are spoken. They can hardly hold back the tears, and often don't as they hold a newborn baby, especially if it's their own. Another thing that can bring on the happy tears of a woman is the tender expressions of love from her husband. Women are emotional, and that's part of their beauty. A smart man will recognize this attribute in his wife and do little things that will make her heart smile and happy tears touch her cheeks.

One husband's method

One simple way to do this is to leave love notes for her. A friend shared how her very busy husband started each day jotting a quick note to her before leaving for work. He would put it on the kitchen counter for her to find at some later time. He just wanted her to know that he would be thinking of her even though he was busy at work. Each day, the brief notes were just a little different as he expressed what he loved about her. She said, "On days when there was no time to write a note, I would read the last one. I saved them all. He rarely missed a day." After 50 years of marriage, these notes have come to mean the world to her.

You don't have to write a note every day, though you could. You just need to find out what works for you and do it often. The payoff will be big.

A few ideas

Here are some types of notes you can leave and samples of things you might say. Let these ideas be your motivator, then think of your own way of writing notes to your wife.

Thank-you notes

If she cooked a dinner you really enjoyed write a thank-you note that says how much you appreciated and enjoyed it. You can put it on the fridge for all the family to see. She'll love it, and so will your kids. They'll be learning how to be an appreciative spouse.

Jewelry box notes

If you know she's going to be wearing jewelry that day leave a note that she'll find when she opens the lid. It could say, "You are a gem, more valuable than diamonds. I'm the richest man in the world because I have you."

Steamy notes

If she's in the shower and the mirror is fogged up, write a note with your finger on the steamed-up mirror just before you think she might be coming out. Say something simple in large letters, like "Hi, cutie. I love you." Then hang around for the kiss that's sure to follow.

Texted notes

These instant notes, sent while you're at work, can make her day. Just text something that lets her know you're thinking of her, like "Can't wait to be home with you and hold you in my arms. I love you." Or even just a simple, "I'm thinking of you," will mean a lot to her.

Mailed notes

If you're away on a trip, send her a postcard that shows the locale with a message that you wished she were with you and how much you love her. Mailed notes can be sent while you're gone or before you leave. A wife told how her husband bought a "missing you" greeting card before he left, wrote a love note in it and mailed it on the day he left so she would get it a couple of days after he left. She said she loved it. It took effort and forethought to do it, and that meant as much as the loving message he wrote.

Special occasion notes

For birthdays, anniversaries, or the birth of a baby many men give flowers to their wives. If you are one of these, good for you. A new mother expressed the love she felt when she opened a personal note from her husband that came with a lovely bouquet of flowers after giving birth to their third child. He told her how proud of her he was and thanked her for enduring so much pain in order to bring their sweet baby into the world. He then expressed the great love he had for her. These are the notes that always stay in the heart.

There's nothing quite like the written word

Phone calls are important and should be used, but you can't reread a phone call. Take a few minutes to write love notes to your sweetheart. They carry messages that can be read again and again. When it is thoughtful and sincere it will be a treasure that will touch her heart far beyond the initial reading. Love notes can last forever and go a long way toward building a sweet and lasting marriage.

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