We all want that fairy tale romance. Maybe without the dragons and evil stepmothers, but we all can agree that being single forever isn't exactly ideal. While it's important to be on your own for a while and figure out the person you are becoming, there comes a time when you feel ready - not just lonely - and are hoping for a meaningful relationship. This article can't guarantee you will find that special someone soon, but it will give you a few hints as to how you can jumpstart your relationship with that certain someone you've been hoping to get to know.

1. Wait

. I know, I know, it sounds like the opposite of how you feel. You've been waiting your whole life. The best thing you can do is take your time. Rushed relationships are not reliable. If you're a girl, wait for the guy to make the first move. If you're a guy, get out there and get going. Traditional ways are changing, yes, but sometimes waiting for a green light is all a girl needs before she's yours.

2. Stay positive

. It is much easier to start a relationship with someone when you are happy and positive. The most difficult people to deal with are those who cannot count their blessings and realize their own potential. You don't want to become someone's therapist or sad story case. It's important to look to your future of love with optimism and excitement.

3. Be clear

. It's important that you mean what you say, and you say what you mean. Guys, it's good to show your sensitive side and let the girl know how you feel and what you think. Communication is key.

4. Know where you stand

. One of the biggest mistakes going into a relationship is both sides being unclear about the other person's goals, feelings, or long-term plans. You don't have to map out a complex plan with your partner, but understand what you both want out of a relationship and how you can become better people together.

5. Facebook is not your friend

. Couples are so quick to make it "FBO" (Facebook Official) and the world can see everything. The world can even see when that couple breaks up a week later. Be careful what you post online for others to see about your relationship. Never talk bad about your significant other to ANYONE. You know your partner better than anyone, and often what you tell others is all they will know about that person. Always speak positively. Make it FBO after he formally asks the question or a month after you've been steadily dating.

Once you start walking on the relationship road, be careful what you do. Every footprint will show, and the tracks will be bumpy at times. Don't give up. The person you've been waiting for is right around the corner.

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