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Your wife is the most incredible woman in your life! She is talented, confident, beautiful and funny. She's the woman of your dreams and means absolutely everything to you.

Since your wife is all of this and more, don't forget to tell her! Here are 10 of the best compliments you can give your wife.

1. You're the best decision I ever made!

Think back to when you first met your wife. You fell in love with EVERYTHING about her. You knew the two of you would make an amazing team. You recognized her strengths and couldn't stand the thought of living life without her. It's as true today as it was then - your wife is the best decision you ever made. Tell her. Remind her of that fact, and never let her forget it!

2. You're my best friend

When husbands and wives are best friends, it creates an emotional intimacy that can't be beat. Your wife needs to know that you consider her to be your very best friend - your go-to person when you feel happy, sad, elated, discouraged or stressed. When you express your feelings about the friendship you share, your wife will feel instantly connected to you, and that will pay big dividends!

3. You look AMAZING!

Every woman appreciates being told that she looks incredible. When it comes from you (the most important person in her life and the only one whose thoughts really matter to her), it means a lot! And it means that much more when it's unsolicited. So, the next time you see your wife, take a good, long look at her, and then tell her she looks amazing. Because she does.

4. I love your laugh!

Oh, her laugh. It gets you every time. Even if it is a little high-pitched, it's still beautiful to you. You love watching her enjoy a deep belly laugh - especially when it's over one of your jokes (that probably no one else would find funny). You love the expression on her face when she laughs and how laughter brings out the flirtatious side in her. So, tell her you love her laugh.

5. You smell delicious!

Your wife has a handful of delightfully scented perfumes, lotions, body sprays, hair products and shower gels that make her smell amazing (like "you-notice-every-time-she-walks-into-a-room" amazing)! If you love the way her hair smells, tell her. When she cuddles up to you on the couch, whisper, "You smell delicious." She'll take note to always spray on that same perfume whenever she wants to be close to you.

6. You're smart

Your wife is a genius. You know it, even if you don't always like to admit it. Even if your wife doesn't have multiple degrees or sit on some high-profile board, she probably schools you whenever you play Trivial Pursuit or Bezzerwizzer (both great games to play with your best friend). She knows her stuff. Admire her smarts and tell her out loud how much you appreciate her know-how and ability to give great advice.

7. Those jeans look great on you!

You're a pretty observant and classy guy, so you notice when your wife has a nice pair of jeans on. Tell her! She wants to know what you like, and she needs to know you love being at her side, proud to call her your wife! A simple compliment like this goes a long way in boosting your wife's confidence and lifting her self-esteem.

8. You're my better half

This is one of those compliments that will make your wife melt, especially if you say it to her while holding her close like you'll never let go. You get bonus points if you say it in front of her parents, siblings or friends. And on top of all that, it really is true! When you reflect on the strength, companionship and love the two of you share, it's easy to see that, without your wife, you wouldn't be who you are. Tell her how much she means to you and how she inspires you to be a better man.

9. You have a gift!

We know, your wife is incredibly talented! She does so many things well. Think of how she notices when someone is having a rough day, and then takes the time to talk to that person. Think how she nailed that presentation at work that doubled her division's funding. In many capacities - in and out of the home - her gifts and abilities are a blessing to others. So, recognize her. Recognize all she does and tell her how proud you are of her accomplishments. It will make her feel like a million bucks.

10. You're incredible in every way

Your wife really is your "everything." She completes you, inspires you, loves you, forgives you, laughs with you (and at you), teases you, teaches you, motivates you, adores you and respects you. So take a moment to let her know that she is incredible in every way. Write a note on the bathroom mirror. Leave a sticky note on her pillow, or just take her by the hand and tell her how much she means to you, face-to-face. Then, kiss her, of course!

These 10 compliments are just a few specific ways that you can be intentional about letting the special woman in your life know how much she means to you. And it's a great way to nurture your marriage!

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