Women are sometimes their own worst enemies when it comes to making relationships last. Without realizing it, we do and say things that drive men away. Then, we wonder where it went wrong.

Fortunately, most of the things that make men fall out of love are things you can fix. Here are five reasons that your man might have fallen out of love with you - along with some pointers to help you get back on track.

1. You're clingy

You might think that wanting to do everything with your partner is a way of showing love. However, if you object or pout when he doesn't want to do some of those things, it's possible to come off as clingy.

Clinginess is often lumped together with neediness and control issues, which aren't attractive qualities. It can be a sign that you're not a complete person without him or that you don't trust him.

What's the solution? Encourage your mister to have hobbies and parts of his life that don't include you - and make room for things in your life that don't include him. When you do things separately, you'll have something interesting to talk about when you're together.

2. You're not making time for him

On the flip side of the coin, there's the possibility that you're not making enough time for him. If you're juggling a career, kids and a relationship, it might be that you're letting your relationship take the backseat while you deal with other things.

He doesn't expect you to neglect your kids or your job, but he does expect you to find a way to make time for him.

The solution is to look at your schedule and find a way to carve out time for the two of you. That might be as simple as designating Saturday night as date night and scheduling a regular sitter so you can go out. Or, it might be having a quiet dinner after the kids go to bed.

3. You don't support his goals

One of the biggest reasons that couples run into trouble is when one person feels that their partner doesn't support them. As a team, it's important for you to be supportive of what he wants to do (and vice versa).

Of course, there are times when supporting a goal might not be feasible. However, as a rule, it's important for the two of you to shore one another up and offer loving support.

If you haven't been supportive of his goals, there's no better time to start. You can start by apologizing for not being supportive in the past, and tell him how you plan to be supportive in the future. Ask how you can help him going forward. And the next time he brings up his dreams or goals, try not to be dismissive or discouraging.

4. You've stopped having sex

When a couple has problems in the bedroom, it very frequently leads to problems in the overall relationship. Part of the reason is that women tend to think that men view sex as only physical, while the truth is that intimacy is just as emotional for men as it is for women.

In fact, when you don't connect physically with your partner, he likely views it as an ongoing rejection and starts to question every aspect of your relationship.

The solution here is simple - and fun! Your job is to find time for the two of you to be alone together. You might schedule a weekend getaway or try going to bed a little earlier.

5. You're overly dramatic

Some women make a point of dredging up past grievances when they quarrel with their partner. Every slight, no matter how small, is perceived to be catastrophic.

The problem with that is that even if you feel justified in your feelings, this type of behavior is exhausting for your partner. Every conversation can feel like a minefield. If he says or does the wrong thing, he knows he'll end up at the receiving end of a tirade.

The answer is to let bygones be bygones. If you really feel you have a past issue that hasn't been resolved, consider going to a counselor to get help working through it. Otherwise, it's best to let it drop.

Your man might worry that he's falling out of love with you, but with these tips you can change that: Make time for yourself and your man, support each other and let go of the past.

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