Sex brings you and your spouse together completely. You give yourself, wholly, to each other and express love in a beautiful, meaningful way.

Using all of your senses in the love-making arena makes for enjoyable and fulfilling sex. Here are some thoughts on why you need your five senses (and an additional sixth sense) when making love.

1. See

Your spouse is OH-SO-GOOD-LOOKING! You know it. That is one of the many reasons you married her, right?

When making love, you need to see your spouse. Keep the lights on (or dimmed) so you can actually see, and enjoy, each other.

Really see your spouse. Take her in - not just her outer beauty but her inner beauty as well. See the good in her. See her potential. See her needs, thoughts, fears, struggles, dreams, hopes and joys.

2. Hear

Not only is your spouse good looking, but he also has feelings, needs and thoughts he wants to express. Listen to your spouse. He has a lot more to share than you realize.

Rub his back while you talk about the day and catch up. Sex is just as much about connecting emotionally as it is about connecting physically (especially for the ladies). And, connecting emotionally before making love will help you connect more deeply in physical ways (though, this sometimes works vice versa because some men feel close emotionally after being close physically).

Music can also help contribute to a romantic setting.

Oh, and then there's silence. Ladies, listen up. When it is time for making love, the time for talking is over (In other words, don't mention all those random thoughts that sometimes go through your head!). A little bit of silence is good for both you and your spouse. It allows you to focus on each other more completely.

3. Smell

This can make or break a romantic evening ... trust us.

Make sure to shower, shave and smell nice. Whatever your preference for cologne or perfume, something that smells attractive and manly/feminine is a great way to set the mood for healthy sex.

4. Touch

Feeling close to your one-and-only and being able to share physical touch is a wonderful thing.

We probably don't need to expound too much on this one, do we? The point is, because of the special relationship you share as husband and wife (and the promises you've made to each other), you can touch your spouse in ways no one else can or should.

Sex is intimate because it is something special you and your spouse only share with each other. So enjoy each other in appropriate ways.

5. Taste

Make sure you brush your teeth.

This is especially important for those who enjoy making love in the morning. Fresh breath makes kissing much, much more enjoyable.

Here's a tip: Lifesavers Wintergreen Mints. Not only do they taste (and smell) great, but they also spark when you chew them in the dark!

6. Feel

This is what physical intimacy is all about - feeling close to one another.

It's not just about the physical high that comes from making love. It's about connection, cohesion and confidence. It's about trust and unity. It's about expressing love in the deepest of ways.

In other words, intimacy should invite a deeper, truer kind of love into your marriage. It should be a very positive, beautiful, fun and fulfilling thing. It should be something that's very special between the two of you as husband and wife. Sex should make both of you feel safe and secure and offer you and your spouse a way to share everything together.

Using your six senses will create a positive, fulfilling and romantic experience for you and your spouse when it comes to being intimate together. So, go nurture your marriage. "

This article was originally published on Nurturing Marriage. It has been republished here with permission.

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